Martin Johnson is an award-winning writer and screenwriter. Martin shares his experiences of living with a traumatic brain injury and how God has used his brain injury to humble him. Martin is both a speaker and advocate for the Brain Injury Association of America.

Martin is a traumatic brain injury survivor and legally blind after having 30% of his brain removed due to suffering 15 mini-strokes after a severe car accident in 1997. During college Martin was a seeker who explored faith from Hinduism to Catholicism. However, a life-changing accident brought him back to his Christian faith. After his accident, he had to relearn how to walk, smile, and talk. Living with a disability has taught Martin what really matters in life and how he can use his talents and gifts for the kingdom of God and not for selfish gain.

Martin’s desire to walk humbly with God was birthed from the faith that the Scriptures say “walked humbly” with God. Martin believes the Christian experience isn’t about achieving and sustaining earthly greatness, but instead, a kingdom greatness that is only achieved through servanthood. You can read Martin’s monthly blog
and connect with him via MartinThomasJohnson.com. Follow Martin on Twitter @mtjohnson51.