To The Moon, Mahsor, And CPAC

To The Moon, Mahsor, And CPAC February 24, 2024

This week a US-made lander touched down on the moon for the first time in over 50 years. The mission’s purpose is to explore the South Pole for a future manned landing in 2026. The Lander is gathering data on the essentials needed to sustain life.

  • Water
  • Sunlight
  • Shade
  • Suitable environment

My childhood dream was to be an astronaut. I’ve always been fascinated with the stars. I can’t help but imagine God placing the stars and planets in order just for us to enjoy (Psalm 147:4, 1 Corinthians 15:41.)

Image by Martin Thomas Johnson

Even as I write this, I can’t keep from looking out my office window at the moon that is still hovering in the early morning sky.

Because of its environment, scientists believe the moon would be the perfect base to launch missions into our solar system. However, first, we need to make sure the moon has what we need to sustain life.


Needs are necessary to live, not to make us happy or comfortable. We cannot live without a”need”. When I was a child I thought I could not live without my favorite toys. The truth is I could, but I was only happier playing with my toys.

Image by Pixabay


Since we live in a cursed world, it’s harder to get our needs (Genesis 3: 12-20.) Mankind’s desire for what it wanted resulted in it being harder to get what mankind needed.

Unfortunately, Satan has a way of twisting our wants into our needs to deceive us.  We can live without the wants of this world, but not our needs.

However, God promises to supply our needs just like He did in the garden with Adam and Eve (Psalm 37:5, Philippians 4:19.) The psalmist and the Apostle Paul understood that we are broken people who have needs.


Israel was a poor people with no land of their own; they were nomads who had to rely on God to provide the basic needs that they lacked. The Hebrew word used in the Old Testament for need is Mahsor and depending on its context it can mean poverty, want, or lack.

The psalmist declared that the righteous lack nothing (Psalm 34:9; 84:11.) Israel had to rely on God just like sheep must rely on their Shepherd to provide their needs.

When we belong to God and trust Him for our needs, He will have all we need. When the psalmist declared the Lord was his Shepherd, he shall not want; he was declaring that God would provide his needs.

Jesus with Sheep
Image by Pixabay
  • Protection
  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Water

The Bible states that the righteous turn to God for their needs, not themselves, a politician, or a political party—that is idolatry. God promises to provide the needs of His people, not their wants.

Jesus reminded His followers not to be anxious about anything and not chase after things like the world (Matthew 6:31-32.) God knows what we need before we tell Him in our prayers (Matthew 6: 8.)


Prayer is simply God’s people talking to God about their needs, yet, it also reveals who we truly rely on. He is the first person we should turn to in our time of need.

Wanting the World
Image by Pixabay

The Apostle Paul reminded the early church to make their requests and  needs known to God through prayer (Philippians 4:6-7.)

However, prayer isn’t the quick path to get rich or greatness. Jesus taught His followers to pray for God’s will, not their selfish wants.

Jesus rebuked the religious leaders for their showy and selfish prayers (Matthew 6:6-12.)  They had their minds and hearts set on earthly greatness, not the kingdom of God.

  • Earthly wealth
  • Fame
  • Earthly power

This week CPAC held another conference touting its political muscle and vowing its support for former president Trump. CPAC stands for conservative political action conference.


For some Trump is an answer to their worldly prayers.   Those in attendance are beholden to Trump because he promises to make the party and country great, although conservatism is aligned with God and the teachings of Jesus.

Jesus taught His followers not to use their authority to rule over anyone, but to serve others (Matthew 20:25-26.) The truth is the party trusts a corrupt man instead of God for their mahsors!





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