Passover, Pešaʿ, And Good Friday

Passover, Pešaʿ, And Good Friday March 27, 2024

This week most of the news is about former president Trump. His quest to make bond to stay out of jail and keep his buildings has divided conservatives and the country even more.

His hush money payments to a porn star have been welcomed by those who claim to love God. Even more troubling is the trial for his involvement in the J6 insurrection has been delayed. Despite claiming to be a party of law and order, it appears nothing could be further from the truth, because the party has chosen to follow the ways of this world.

  • Deception
  • Chaos
  • Corruption

Remember, God’s people are called to be different than this world; His ways are not like the world we live in. He is a God of order and peace. In the beginning, God separated the light from the darkness and called it good (Genesis 1:1- 4.)

Light and darkness
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When God was about to deliver His people from captivity in Egypt, He commanded them to cover their doorposts with the blood of lambs so that His judgment would pass over His people (Exodus 12: 13-28.)


The blood of the lambs is what separated God’s people from the land they were enslaved to. Let’s be honest, God knew the difference between the Egyptians and His people; He was only testing their obedience.

To slaughter a lamb would cost the Israelites dearly. The choice was clear, salvation or temporary pleasures. The Torah commands Israel to observe the Passover feast every year to remember God’s deliverance from Egypt and to set Israel apart from the world (Exodus 12:21-51.)

Judaism celebrates Passover at the same time every year on their calendar, this year it begins in April. However, Jesus and His Disciples traveled to Jerusalem for Passover as commanded by the Torah to celebrate Passover in the days leading up to His betrayal by His Disciples and God’s people.


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Imagine traveling across country to a place where you know you will be betrayed and eventually killed. Judas wasn’t the only Disciple to betray Jesus, just the only one who did it for money!


Observing Passover is a command given to Israel, to disobey this command is a betrayal to God. The Hebrew word used in the Old Testament for betray is Pešaʿ and it can also mean “Transgression, iniquity, or trespass,” depending on its context.

God’s commands are what separated His people from the world; disobedience is a transgression against God. This is a reason we serve a God of law and order. God also gave Israel specific commands for observing Passover, below are the customs for Passover.

  • Observed for 7 to 8 days.
  • Avoid unleavened bread.
  • Ridding the house of Hametz (bread)
  • Fast of the firstborn
  • The Seder meal
  • Eating Matzah
  • Attend synagogue services
  • No work is allowed on the first two and last two days.

Jesus was willing to obey God by going to Jerusalem although it would eventually put Him on the cross. He knew He would be betrayed by Judas and the rest of the Disciples.

The Last Supper
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They couldn’t stay awake while He prayed in the garden and Peter denied knowing Him three times. Jesus knew He was the only sacrifice that could break the curse of this world.

Jesus is the light of the world that God separated from the darkness on Good Friday. On Good Friday, Jesus refused to betray God and His people for His comfort.


Good Friday

Good Friday is a day of Jesus’ obedience and the betrayal of God’s people. Just five days prior, the people were crying out Hosanna as Jesus arrived. However, on Good Friday they chose to release a vicious criminal instead of their promised Messiah (Luke 23:18-24.)

Roman tradition allowed for a criminal to be released as a sign of peace and unity the night before Passover: sounds a lot like people in America today who want a criminal to be their savior.

However, the difference is, Jesus did not abuse His power. After warning Pilate He could call down armies of angels to save Himself, Jesus humbled Himself and allowed Himself to be beaten and murdered by the people He came to save, quite a contrast to God’s people today.

  • Loving
  • Light
  • Humble
Piggy Bank
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Jesus humbled Himself and was obedient to God knowing he would suffer and die (Philippians 2:7-8.) The suffering Savior (Psalm 22:1-31) is contrary to those who claim to love God but will vote for whoever will put the most money in their bank account.




No wonder the Apostle Paul warned us about the love of money (1 Timothy 6:10.) He knew like Judas, it would cause us to Pešaʿ!


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