September 16, 2021

Those that are familiar with the Victorian Well House know it holds the secrets of the White Spring, and know that its energies are often kept hidden and secret. While the Chalice well garden is open most of the time, the White Spring Well House sits quietly waiting for the doors to open, during its limited hours. Outside of the Wellhouse is a small damp shrine, with spirals formed into the stone wall and platform. Read more

June 16, 2021

I am really excited to bring you another Interview with a Water Priestess. This time I interview Dakota Chanel a Water Priestess living in Hawaii Read more

June 7, 2021

One that I get quite often is “How do I know what type of Witch (or magical practitioner) I am?” Certainly, this can be a difficult question to answer for many upon the crooked path. Read more

March 28, 2021

I am so excited to bring you another interview in the Water Priestess Interview Series! This time we have a Sea Priestess, Dolphin & Whale Emissary, Chalice of Divine Frequencies, Bestselling Author, and Creator of Dancing Dolphin Alchemical Synergies (flower and gem essences infused with dolphin healing frequencies and sacred sound). She has been leading channeled global water healing meditations every Equinox for over 2 decades with a co-facilitator in Australia. Read more

March 23, 2021

There are so many ways one can begin a magical path. So I will try to give you some ideas, tips and what I feel may be useful. This is not a full list and not everything works for everyone or every path. So there is Tip 1! Every magical person is different Read more

February 11, 2021

There are two major aspects to my spiritual path that are deeply interconnected, though I think the ways in which they flow into each other are not always evident to most people who don’t also walk similarly complicated paths. I describe myself as both a Witch (practicing a folkloric, pre-modern type of traditional Craft that I call American Folkloric Witchcraft) and a Priestess of Aphrodite and of Brighid. Read more

February 7, 2021

Deep within the desert among sacred indigenous ruins, vortex, cliff drawings, stories of star people, and the plumed serpent lies a magical body of water. Read more

December 29, 2020

Hello and welcome to the next “Interview with a Water Priestess” This time we get to read about Katie McBrien! Katie has been part of the Water Witch and Sea Witch communities for many years. Here is what she is up to now! Who are you and how do you practice? Hello everyone my name is Katie McBrien, I am a shamanic Practitioner, Psychic, & Sea Priestess. I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I have been connected to… Read more

November 8, 2020

Kamala Devi Harris is America’s Water Goddess. She is here to wake us and lead us into re-birth and a new era, one of equality and true love. Read more

October 28, 2020

Ancestors of Land, Blood, and Spirit are three types of Ancestral Spirits you can work with this Samhain, or all year long if you wish! Read more

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