Magical thinking vs Mundane

Magical thinking vs Mundane January 1, 2013

I often know things, see things, feel things that defy logic. If you have any type of psychic ability that has been awakened, whether that is being an Empath or a full on Seer then you understand what I am talking about. We are often met with opposition in various forms. Being laughed at, trying to be discredited, or just shrugged off as crazy. I personally get hurt a little when things like this happen. I wish that people would take me seriously, my accuracy rate is VERY high. I usually compensate by saying things like “I’m the crazy sister”or “oh I’m wrong never mind” I often times even hear things like “she is the crazy aunt” etc. It is a very frustrating process, mostly because 98% of the time “I” well I should say “We” are right.

Each person is different and can feel or see different things, so many times it clashes, even with other Psychics who aren’t wrong either. (Defies logic doesn’t it?). We oftentimes find ourselves removing our heart from a friendship, or removing ourselves from a situation, because we know how it will end, we can feel the doom. We would rather be the “bad guy” than the “hurt guy” Its because we already have so many scars from past experiences. I am OK with this, and I find that women with similar abilities come to me looking for guidance. This is part of my “wounded healer” path. (Chiron)  I have mostly healed, I say mostly because it still smarts when people we love discredit us based purely on locic. So this blog is partly for my empathic students, and partly for what I am about to write below.

What makes us, as Magical Beings, Witches, Witches in training, Priestess, and Priestess in training different that our mundane brothers and sisters? It is out ability to think, feel, and know outside the box. The ability to know with confidence that we are correct, based on clear knowing, or clear feeling. Without this we would just be mundane people waving our hands around to Gods and Goddesses we don’t really believe in. This natural ability to, (and for the non-natural magical beings) the willingness to think, feel, and know outside of logic, and outside of the box. If you have faith in your Gods, and Goddess, in the Ancestor spirits, and Faery beings, why do we give our psychics, and empaths so little credit? These gifts DO come from our Deity, Ancestors, and Faery. They were awakened at some point, so that we could serve the community, and so that we have the ability to know how things will end, so that we may shift the out come, and help others as well. We work with the sprit world, we believe in the unseen, but not in the ability to believe in our Psychics and Empaths and their messages. Now let me take a moment here and say, that I am not saying to have blind faith that is silly. There was something, that MOMENT that made us believe in our deity and guides, it is always good to question, but give your Psychic Spiritual guides some credit, they wouldnt claim they had these gifts if they didnt have an accuracy rate that made them believe in themselves. For the new Empaths, and Psychics BELIEVE in yourself. Dont get caught up in the mundane, dare to believe in yourself with confidence.

So I leave you with this last message. As a Magical practitioner, you believe in the unseen forces of magic, as A Wiccan you believe in the unseen forces of your Gods and as a Spirit worker you believe in the unseen forces of your Ancestors and the Faery realm. You already believe in the unseen forces, why discredit the psychics, empaths, and even your own abilities, based purely on logic? Logic really has no place in the spirit and magical world. It has a wonderful place in the mundane world and there it should stay. It has its time and its place, but it is NOT the rule. In magic, and in psychic events there is no rule, there is no logic. Logic is for the unbeliever, those that only believe in what they can see, what they know and what they can prove. Dare to be different, dare to be magical………

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  • Idalia

    Very good, very pertinent post. For someone in your position (or those thinking of it)- being not only open but actively working as a magical practitioner in a mundane world- this is an excellent thing to keep in mind.

  • GreenFlame

    But that's why we have to do our shadow work and keep on doing it, so that our suppressed fears, angers and other issues don't create the same sensations that the psychic content does. Because they are all in that sea of Annwn together.

  • Symbian

    This is quite a truthfull post ! We all have many tools available to us to collect this Truth ! For me, I have my Spiritual Guidance, My Intuition, and just enough hints of Past Lives, but we all also have Hopes and Dreams, and a certain degree of Dramatic Licence … all of it is Legit and Valuable for us all ! It is how we Connect it all togeather and learn from it — as the saying goes … the more we accept and honour the content …. the more and easier the content will arrive ! For some – it is a blessing, but for others it might be a bit of a confusing and turbulent experience … As we grow and learn to discern the Fluff from the Legit Content .. I realized that even the Fluff has a important purpose …It helped me to continue to Ask Why !But an even greater awareness was that Anything that came to me was indeed blessed because even with my ever evolving Filters … The content continued to arrive at the doorstop of my Consciousness ! I dont skoff at any of it now …because I know that it has a sinceer purpose … to help me to Evolve and Grow … So folks …. I can legitimatly identify with The Water Witches growth and path ! … I suppose the lesson I learned was to get out of my own way … Let Go, Learn, and Live the best and most respectful way I am capable of … for me … The Future is Gloryous ! What Mysteries will I be exposed to next É! … I cant Wait !!!