Poetry September 4, 2014

Wisdom from the Goddess

Dew touches my finger tips

I gently lift it to my lips
Her essence on my tong lingers still
As I softly whisper what is your will?
“Work the earth, heal my pain
Bring me back to beauty again”
Worship the Lord of the green wood
And his consort as you should
Dance the wheel
And start to heal
Take the path that goes left to right
Do this and your heart will be light
Walk the path the old ones paved
Do this and you will be brave
Teachings of new and wisdom of old
Cross the hedge, be so bold
Worship the moon and tread the mill
Widdershins and deosil
Do not walk the path that is straight
you will never reach that holy gate
Walk the path that weaves and sways
You will never see unhappy days
Cast your spells nine times nine
And you will walk in the presence of the divine


Sisters of 9 

Beautiful sisters of 9 how your light shines so divine, muse of my heart, I feel we are never apart. Mordron, Nimue, Vivian, you were there in the most ancient of land, ancient ladies of light block out the dark dark night.  Rise up from Avalon, with sword of power, and healing of herbs, whispering sweet sweet  little words. Morgan mother of great guard strong the deathly gate. Let those only pure of heart, enter The Isle of Apples. Calling upon you now, rise from the waters of the ancient lands, walking swiftly hand in hand. Surround me in this realm and yours, fill my heart with your love so light, block out those that stalk in the dark dark night.


Lady of the Night
Lady of the Dark night
Thin in your Maiden form
Show me my shadow tonight
Exposed under your splendor
I feel the power of Morgan La Fae
Rise up from the earth to meet my heart
Lady of the Dark night
Take my heart apart
Show me my shadow
So that I may cleanse my heart
Cleanse my shadow
Cleanse my heart
So we may never part


The Morning Spider

Black as night
With shiny skin pressed tight
Red hour glass counting down the time
Giving me a reason for this rhyme
Glistening in the morning sun
AM spider how your web looked so fun
Making you feel like you were chosen
The Silver web precisely woven
You spun a web so fine
You beckoned come and be mine
Sweet words, sweet delight
Skin as black as the night
Eyes wide shut
I felt it in my gut
As your silver thread
Slipped right over my head
Delighted at first
I didn’t know I was cursed
Sweetly I fell
Then you put me through hell
I thought I was strong
OH! How I was so wrong
The jewel around my throat
Only turned me into your scapegoat
Tighter you pulled your thread
I wish right then I had fled
Far away from you
OH! If I only knew
How tight you had that thread
That wrapped around my head
It suffocated my heart
So I pushed us apart
You stalked me like prey
WHY will you not just go away?
My eyes flew Open wide
I could not run and hide
Creeping, crawling back into my life
Causing so much heart break , anger and strife
Fangs flashed bright with hunger
Creeping crawling back from with under
One intent only, to damage and plunder
Your radiant smile was all a lie
Seeing your true face made me sob and cry
Then with a calculating grin
The spider did begin
“Why do you cry?
I have never hurt a fly”
The web was tightly bound
As I stared in disbelieve all around
The spider is right I say
For I am the one who has truly hurt her today
Your Web of delight
Fully ensnared me tight
Fine threads spun from your lap
I fell right into your trap
And then you stabbed me in the back
At this moment I break free
Your poison does not paralyze me
I have wings and I can fly free
Your web does NOT have me
Original Work By Annwyn Avalon Copyright 2010
Descent to Annwyn
Deeper the descent
Darker it is
gruesome scenes from the past
it all burns
Up I went higher
Till I fell, shaking,
starving, strung outClawing at the earth,
or was that my face
dry dirt turns to mud
with my blood
dripping from my face
not of my own doing
Beaten, Bruised
face and body
Black and blue
as a deep ocean
rain falls from my face
gasping for air,
crawling reaching doused in gasoline
lit on fire, I was
burned to the ground
Death, ashes, a deep nothing and then she came
picked up what was nothing
added her tears, her blood,
her breath, the ashesand I arose,
I was no longer dead,
I became death
I became beautiful
Original Work By Annwyn Avalon Copyright 2010
My Shadow
As I wonder deeper
Into darkness I go
I begin to lose parts of me
I see that those things
Those that I thought were with me
They stay
Ones that I thought walked this spiritual path with me
They do not go with me,
Do they choose to stay?
Or can they not go?
I don’t understand why they abandon me
I feel betrayed, I feel loss
Jealousy consumes me as they stay
I long for the mundane that they enjoy
So carelessly and so mindlessly
I feel weak,
But it is not “I” that is weak
I must continue on this path,
My journey to the underworld is my own
They cannot follow
No they must not follow
They will be left behind
Deeper into darkness I go
The underworld welcomes me
This is my winter home,
All life is gone
Death surrounds me
I seek solitude
And solitude seeks me
I find strength in my self
I cannot find strength in others
My challenge is solitude
Solitude becomes transformation
I find peace and happiness alone, in death
Death is a lonely act
But I am not really alone,
I learn to love the dark, the loneliness, my shadow
I am here with my shadow
And my shadow is here with me
Deep Darkness,
Original Work By Annwyn Avalon Copyright 2010

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