My Book is Done!!!!!

My Book is Done!!!!! September 28, 2012

Some of the titles featured in Story Mama.


Have you made the common mistake of thinking children’s stories are for children?

Most adults have. But don’t feel bad because the secret has only recently been discovered: Children’s stories are really parenting manuals in disguise.


Yeah, yeah, the people who wrote these stories may not admit it, but it’s true: There’s a wealth of wisdom tucked into those half-eaten books cluttering your shelves. All you need is a guide, a treasure map as it were, to locate the best gems, which brings me to my point…

My book is finally done!!! Boogie-woogie shuffle with a jig on top! Yep, we’re super excited over here at Brambleberry Press to announce the publication of Story Mama: What Children’s Stories Teach Us About Life, Love, and Mothering. I’m excited to put the cap on a long project. Ian’s excited to talk about something other than vignette titles. And the kids are excited to eat a non-packaged dinner.

Story Mama is written for moms (oh all right, and for you dads, too) in all stages of parenting, from babyhood to the empty nest. But, unlike most parenting books, it’s not a two-inch-thick all-inclusive A-Z guide to raising Jonny, to which I say, you’re welcome. This one drops into the parenting journey during crucial moments, those (ironically) the author didn’t know how to handle herself. Like when to trust your mother’s advice and when to trust your gut. And how to fend off a crew of mutinying children. And how to get your kids to eat the nastier of vegetables. It does it in short vignettes even a potty-training mama can get through between bathroom visits.

These stories (and poems and oddly-placed home spun wanderings) also teach us about life, about facing fears and about giving wings to dreams. And about love, but you’ll have to buy it to get that part.

So, go on now, and get yourself a copy. It’s even got a nice, shiny cover that repels spit-up. It’s available here.


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