October 29, 2018

Let this not be a time where it can be said of us, we were of our time. Fascism was taking over the globe, and we turned inward and chose to spend our energy on defending the righteousness of our tradition or the church. I can imagine a generation scratching their heads at why we thought that creating opportunities for all sides to speak, civilly, whatever that means, was our best response. I suspect it will be so obvious that we protected our perceived privilege, as evil and terror became the norm. Read more

July 7, 2018

I love a church meeting. Especially when we decide to take on the things that seem intractable, the hardest things. This year the 79th General Convention of the Episcopal Church is meeting in Austin, Texas, for 10 balmy days beginning July 4. There’s a lot of good to do together: a service on the lawn outside of a detention center Sunday. What does #metoo mean for The Episcopal Church? We kicked it off with a listening session the evening of… Read more

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