What we’re all about at Work Cited

What we’re all about at Work Cited December 2, 2014

Having trouble keeping track of new, great, and classic faith and work books? Yeah, us too. That’s why the folks at the Patheos Faith and Work Channel have started this blog. Whether you’re reading on a phone or a codex, and whether you store your books in the cloud or on a slab of wood, we want you to know about resources

  1. for the life of daily discipleship in the workplace
  2. for understanding what the Bible says about work
  3. for grasping economic realities from a Christian perspective.

We welcome recommendations for books to review, too. Let us know in the comments if you have suggestions.

PS. Our blog header comes from the bookplate “Ex libris Hermann Böhm” from the city library of Skara, Sweden. It shows a bookbinder at work!

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