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I’ve Never Pretended I’m Not Religious

This is a participation in the Patheos Book Club on David Dark’s Life’s Too Short to Pretend You’re Not Religious. When I was a kid, I was always the odd one out whenever rebellion was contemplated.  From the 1970s (my natal decade) I took away in full measure the messages of Marlo Thomas’ “Free to [Read More...]


Social Justice and the Evangelical Church Today

By Jordan Ballor An understanding of the rise, decline, and reinvigoration of institutions in the history of the Christian West, with special attention to the role of the church in relation to worldly authority, is necessary to properly orient a discussion of the church’s social responsibility today. This is particularly true when focusing on the legacy [Read More...]


“Time, Talents, & Treasure” – Overcoming False Dualism

We need to be very careful in how we articulate things. I’ve been teaching stewardship in church ministry for over two decades now. I don’t know who came up with it, but perhaps the best way I’ve experienced helping people assess their stewardship has been by articulating it in three areas: Time, Talents, and Treasure. Church leaders [Read More...]

Marketplace Faith

Manning vs. Newton: A Contest of Attitudes

  Another Super Bowl is in the books.  Peyton Manning ended the season and possibly his career with a record 200th victory.   Beyond the contest on the field, this battle between Manning and Carolina’s Cam Newton was also a contrast in attitudes.  The difference between the two QB’s reflects a choice between two very different [Read More...]

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