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Editor's Choice

The Pickled Pencil

Praying in Solidarity and Confronting Vulnerability

Today is Easter (at the time of writing). There is a soft breeze rustling the ivy on the brick outside my window. It’s not even April, but the air carries a feeling of graduation, baseball, and summer vacation. The sun is beaming in through the pair of French doors which connect my bedroom to the arbor outside. [Read More...]

Purpose in Leadership

Easter, The Gospel, and Leadership Ethics

The message of Easter is central to Christianity. At the heart of Easter is the message of the gospel. In this brief post, I’d like to make some connections between the core message of Easter and leadership practice. Ethics matter for those working in at diverse organizational levels. But ethics especially matter for leaders. We want [Read More...]

Marketplace Faith

Resurrected at Work: Easter and Life at Work

  Sunday was Easter, arguably the most significant annual event for Christians worldwide.  James Martin’s The Challenge of Easter from the March 26, Wall Street Journal, does an excellent job explaining why.   Here in this post, I will connect this ultimate of Sundays with your Monday reality. God, the Worker Work is the exertion of [Read More...]


Economy of Wisdom: Four Questions of Christian Education

By Anthony Bradley One of the advantages of living in a free society is that parents have multiple options for how they can educate their children, including enrolling them in religious education. Christian education is unique in that teachers can integrate faith and learning in the classroom to unlock academic disciplines from mere materialistic or [Read More...]