A few more books to make you smarter

A few more books to make you smarter September 30, 2015


We keep running into lists of unconventional business books (or unconventional lists of business books).  Here are two that showed up yesterday:

20 Book Recommendations from Billionaire Charlie Munger that Will Make You Smarter  from the blog Farnam Street (P.S. Language warning, if you need one):

Not only is Munger one of the smartest people on the planet—his lecture on the psychology of human misjudgment is the best 45 minutes you might spend this year—but he’s put all of those brains to use in a practical way.

If you’re looking for a book to read this summer, this list of books recommended by Munger is a great place to start.

It’s fall now, but it’s still a great list.  There are links to a couple more lists too (here and here.)

And then there are 59 Tools, 9 Books, and 7 Great Pieces of Advice on Productivity from Buffer. The books are kind of buried in the middle, but the other stuff is helpful, too. Happy reading!




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