Saturday Fitness (on a Saturday! OMG)

Saturday Fitness (on a Saturday! OMG) September 17, 2011

Oh my Google! Saturday fitness is going to actually be posted on a Saturday! I can’t believe it either.  What’s that? You always post your entries on time and you think you’re better than the WWJTD fitness team?

Huh. You must have been blogging while we were busy going on dates! Boom! You just got roasted, classic Winger.


Haha, just kidding, I love you for pushing us to succeed. If you haven’t noticed already from the change in tone and the Community references, you’ll soon be tipped off by the total lack of substance that it’s yours truly once again, Care-Bear Conrad. I’m back for another guest post to update everyone on the journey to and colonization of fitness by the intrepid WWJTD fitness team. Because, it not just about “getting fit,” it’s about staying healthy!



Dramatic reenactment of JT when I best him at something.

JT is cranking it up a notch and adding muscle like a madman, Arnold would be proud. His trainer says he’s at the point where he needs to add muscle and then trim around it so that’s exactly what he’s doing, turning up his calorie count and turning massive amounts of protein in to muscle. After last week when I bested his 7 pull-ups with 8, he came right back and moved his own max to 8. If I were a betting man, I wouldn’t bet against that number going up even further next week.

From JT: Make that eleven pull ups, sir!  😉  I did eight with forward grip, ten with side grip, and eleven with reverse grip, which is how Conrad and I generally measure.  I also got my measurements at the gym and once more I’ve managed to add muscle and trim fat (which is almost impossible at this point, according to my trainer).  I was at 12.85% body fat in July and am now at 11% even.  Bear in mind that in March (only six months ago), I was at 25.8% body fat.  Getting in shape will not take you years!  If you start working out and do it right, you will see results sooner than you think.  Don’t let worry that changing your body will take a long time stop you from getting fit (if that’s what you want to do) – it doesn’t take long at all.

My goal body fat is 10%, but that’s going to have to get put off for several months.  Turns out you cannot trim fat AND add muscle forever.  You do hit a plateau eventually – and I have hit it.  So this week I had to make the choice to keep trimming body fat or keep bulking up.  If you trim down first, you have a hard time adding the muscle later.  However, if you bulk up first, it makes it easier to trim down since you have more muscle eating away at the fat and you also get to keep your muscle mass.  My trainer was forward that bulking up first was the better option.  Our goal is to add about 10 more lbs of muscle and then trim down body fat.

First thing’s first on bulking up.  As I recently wrote, I’ve once more had to re-work my diet to include insane amounts of protein.

For the first time since working out, I know that over the next few months I’m going to add a small amount of body fat.  It will be negligible, probably only noticeable to me, so you wouldn’t think it was a big deal.  To an anorexic though, it is.  The first day of the diet I was literally crying as I ate dinner.  Yesterday I woke up from a nightmare…that I was drinking soda.  It’s not been easy, but I cannot deny that I am stronger eating this way.  After a couple days of this diet I obliterated my forward grip pull up max (was four, I did eight), and added a considerable amount of weight to all my lifts at the gym.  I also stomped all my other pull up numbers.

A new exercise I’ve been doing is reverse sit ups.

I’m doing sets of 10 while holding a 70 lbs medicine ball to my chest.  I’m also extremely close to being able to do one of these bad boys.

Having more fuel in my system is a good feeling.  Once I mentally adjust to the diet, it’ll be awesome.  🙂

Now back to Conrad.


I miss red wine most of all

No change in weight this week, and less than 100 days before I’m supposed to be 20lbs lighter and not wearing a catholic campus center t-shirt the for the first week of school (friendly bet I made with a friend). She’s supposed to be wearing a SOMA shirt! I better get on it. On the good news front, I am still getting strong and faster. Did a dead lift this week at 295, which felt good (although a long way off from JT’s 365 and rising). On the pull up front, I totally spanked JT this week thanks to installing a pull up bar at home (it’s not cheating JT!) and cranked out 10 pull ups and 38 push ups. My running is also continuing to go well, I shaved another 30 seconds off my 5k time, putting up a new personal best of 26:28. No calorie count this week, it seems to again have a counter-productive effect to count calories, but one positive thing is that I’ve given up any form of alcohol for the month of September, leading up to my 5k, and I certainly don’t miss the calories from that after work brewsky.



Sid is also continuing her meteoric rise in strength and speed. This week she cut A FULL MINUTE off her personal best 5k time, coming in at 28:57. Whoa, that kicks ass. If there is one thing we’ve proven at this point, it’s that we are a group that responds to competition! Her push-ups are still going  up too, this week at 23 over 20 from last time. No update on the hanging sit-ups, but most likely at this point her abs are so strong they are out beating up weaker bellies just for the fun of it.



Beastmaster Abs coming soon

Stephen is coming out of the gate strong and determined. This week he weighs in 320lbs, a full 4lbs less than last week and 23lbs less than when he started his journey to fitness. Way to go Stephen! His strength gains are already showing, he’s doubled his elbow plank time to 60 seconds, and took 7 minutes off his 4 mile elliptical time, crossing the line at 52:20. Stephen, you’re doing amazing work, burning tons of calories, this week you get the gold star!



A new member this week! Welcome Tanya! She come to us at 146lbs, and a 24:03 2k time, looking forward to keeping up with you!


I really like this show. lol

That’s it! I’d write more, but I have to go run before Sid catches up with me!! Let’s do this!





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