Glenn Stanton whines about bad manners billboard

Glenn Stanton whines about bad manners billboard January 26, 2012

Christina here…

Oh look, the Glenn Stanton is offended by this billboard…






I’m so sorry! I know they didn’t mean to offend your poor sensibilities…

As a Colorado atheist group purchases space for three billboards in major cities in Colorado, one Christian research fellow refers to their efforts as “bad manners.”

“They say their ad is intended to spark dialogue with people of faith on the existence of God, but you don’t draw people into conversation by poking fun of the beliefs,” Glenn Stanton, director for Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, told The Christian Post.

Stanton was referring to a billboard sponsored by Boulder Atheists that states, “God is an imaginary friend; Choose reality, it will be better for all of us.”

“Pew reports that 92 percent of Americans believe in God or some higher being,” Stanton pointed out. “And more than 70 percent say they have a firm, confident belief in God. And this atheist group equates that very widely-held belief to a small child having an imaginary friend to play with.”

Good science, Glenn Stanton. You work for Focus on the Family and you want to complain that an atheist group called your sacrosanct god imaginary?

You don’t have the slightest clue what “bad manners” are.

You advocate (very actively) against marriage equality.

You teach parents to force their children into prescribed gender roles so they won’t get The Gay.

You deny facts given to you by the American Psychological Association regarding homosexuals.

You deny facts that same-sex couples can raise children just as well as heterosexual couples.

You deny that homosexual couples can successfully raise children.

You mock atheist chaplains and denigrate sex workers.

You advocate ignoring science if science goes against your “common sense”.

You attack homosexual families, insisting that they aren’t real families, insisting their families “lack conviction”, and ignoring their legal standing as a family, stating, “are they family? We would say, ‘Absolutely not.'”

You argue that masturbation and especially homosexuality are “a particularly evil lie of Satan ”

You blame the “forbidding of prayer in our public schools” and “introduction of evolution into our nation’s classroom curricula” for declining morality (and The Gay.)


…But you think this billboard is bad manners.

This billboard is right. Your god is imaginary, and if you chose reality, it really would be much better for all of us.  Maybe then, you wouldn’t be such a homophobic bigot, or you’d at least keep your homophobic bigotry to yourself.

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