Because the bible says so

Because the bible says so February 15, 2012

Some people are just bewildered at how anybody can oppose the love of two human beings on the basis of their gender.  I always have the same response: ask them.  You may get a few shitty arguments making pretensions to a secular reason, but if you pry, you’ll always wind up at the real reason.

Of course, sometimes they’ll come right out with it as Kenneth Hutcherson just did on

Why do I stand so strong in support of traditional marriage? Because I am a pastor of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am a shepherd that is supposed to lead, feed and protect the flock. Anything the bible says is good for society, I stand on it and I will not compromise on it. What the bible says is good for society has always proven to be good. Anything the bible says is wrong for society has always proven to be wrong.  There have never been any winners in a scenario where society went against what God said would be good.

Straight from the horse’s mouth.  Homosexuals are damaging to society!  He won’t compromise!  And rather than feeling ashamed for being close-minded or a bigot, this guy considers himself as a shepherd, a leader.  Can anything but faith make people so pretentious while simultaneously making them so malicious?

And anything that god says is good for society has always been proven good?  One can only be curious then why this noble shepherd isn’t mowing down Wal-Mart workers for showing up on the sabbath or slaughtering gay people instead of just making their lives miserable.  Do these people even listen to what they’re saying?

Here’s some more about what god wants for marriage.  Pay attention, shepherd.

Now do I think God brings judgment on a society that encourages homosexuality? I do. And since I am a pastor and God has commanded me to love everyone, I will do what it takes to love them. That does not mean I will accept that they stay the way they are. Unrepentant sin destroys you and will kill you. So if I believe the word of God, that He will bring judgment on a people, then I would be a very bad shepherd not to warn those people.

Nobody gives a shit if you “warn” them.  Fill your boots.  What we do give a shit about are deluded people like Hutcherson pushing for laws that dictate how others must live because of the silly things they believe.

It takes a mind mangled by Christ to make people’s lives shitty and say you’re doing what it takes to love them.  If that’s what love is to you, what is hate?

God said in the Book of Romans that the sin of homosexuality is going against your own self. It is unnatural; nothing is natural about homosexuality.

Who the hell is this guy to dictate what’s against anyone else’s self?  If I tell him I prefer sausage on pizza is he going to say, “No, I’m sorry, but you prefer mushrooms”?

Our most prestigious batteries of medical minds say homosexuality is an innate preference. This is from the American Psychological Association in response to the question of whether or not homosexuality is optional:

No, human beings cannot choose to be either gay or straight. For most people, sexual orientation emerges in early adolescence without any prior sexual experience. Although we can choose whether to act on our feelings, psychologists do not consider sexual orientation to be a conscious choice that can be voluntarily changed.

All credible medical bodies are in concert with the APA on this subject. In order to part ways from them, any sensible person must have a good reason to deny the consensus of the experts. What is it?

Oh, pfft, what am I saying?  Shepherd Hutcherson has a bunch of random scribblings from well over 2,000 years ago from nomads who didn’t know enough to separate the feces from their food.  What use does he have of modern experts?

Homosexuality should not be accepted as just another way of life. Indeed, we have gone way past that in our culture and in every aspect, God has stood against this.

You’re confusing god with a bunch of bible-waggling homophobes, shepherd.  Yaweh has stood against gays the same way Allah has stood against skyscrapers.  The problem is that god standing against something looks indistinguishable from deluded humans meddling in the lives of others with terrible consequences.

Every community and country that has allowed this sin to be normalized has suffered. Going against God’s Word is not good for society. Many pastors have had to spend time and money defending themselves against religious discrimination.

Yeah, discrimination sure sucks, doesn’t it?  Having to spend time and money defending yourself against discrimination sucks too.  I wonder what his feelings are on prop 8…

The normalization of sin in society results in other negative consequences such as the deterioration of the health of marriages and the increase in out-of-wedlock births.

Oh, I’m sorry.  Survey says that the highest divorce rate in America by religion belongs to evangelical Christians.

The Bible was proven correct again when Massachusetts passed a same sex marriage law. Catholic Services of Boston shut down because it didn’t want to allow same sex couples to adopt children. The state said you will allow same sex couples to adopt or we will not support you. Because of the pressure, they shut down their adoption program. How many innocent children were negatively affected?

What if they had closed down because the state had mandated that they must allow black couples to adopt?  Is it the state’s fault that so many orphans were displaced?  Of course not!  It was the fault of the bigots who would rather see children displaced than abdicating the bible’s hatred.

I can’t even finish this article.  It’s just wrong and inconsiderate on so many levels all while calling it love.  Why?

Because the bible says so.

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