FtB as D&D

FtB as D&D February 26, 2012

There’s been a lot of talk about Dungeons and Dragons lately on FtB.  PZ points out that role-playing games like D&D are un-Christian.  What more reason do we need to play them?  I’ve also personally seen Richard Carrier’s stash of historic D&D (and other systems) memorabilia.  The man could be king of the nerds, seriously.

And Natalie Reed has recently assigned classes to many of the FtB authors.  Here is her list.

DM- Ed Brayton

Ranger- Hank Fox
Bards – Digital Cuttlefish, Stephanie Zvan, Ian Cromwell
Barbarian – PZ Myers
Paladin – JT Eberhard
Fighters – Chris Rodda and Justin Griffith
Clerics – Libby-Anne, Dan Fincke, Greg Laden
Druids – Jen McCreight, Brianne Bilyeau
Rogues – Maryam Namazie, Chris Hallquist,
Wizards – Greta Christina, Jason Thibeault, Mano Singham
Dual-Class Wizard-Rogue – Natalie Reed
Dual-Class Fighter-Rogue – Ophelia Benson
Customized Munchkin Class – Physioproffe

Paladins are badass, so I’m terribly flattered.  I do just traipse around my bloggy castle in heavy armor looking for evil to smite.

How would you guys place various bloggers?  Don’t forget Richard Carrier!  That man needs a class.  And remember my lovely contributors Christina and Dr. Dave.  Both of them have a nerdy streak a mile wide.  And remember to explain what qualities earned a particular blogger a particular class.

If you’re really adventurous, try assigning alignments to a few of us.  😀

4th edition for life!

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