Virginia abortion bill looks like it may not happen now

Virginia abortion bill looks like it may not happen now February 23, 2012

Recently the Virginia senate passed a very silly bill requiring a woman wanting a legal procedure to have an unnecessary, uncomfortable, invasive, and unrelated procedure done.

Fortunately, raising hell seems to work.  Let that be a lesson to all you potential activists out there.

After days of unrelenting criticism, the House of Delegates today passed a weakened version of the ultrasound mandate after consultation with Gov. Bob McDonnell, amending it so that women could reject a procedure if it must be done vaginally.


But it gets even better.

Because the House made changes to a Senate measure — Senate Bill 484, sponsored by Sen. Jill Holtzman Vogel, R-Fauquier — it must go back before the Senate with the changes.

But this afternoon, Vogel indicated she will try to strike her bill.

“There are moments when you are a legislator when you have to stop and you have to have a moment of real conscience,” Vogel said. “I sort of had that moment this morning considering the outcome and the fate of this bill.”

Vogel said that after hearing from constituents, including doctors, that she did not “feel in good conscience that I want to carry the bill in its current form.”


Sadly, Oklahoma doesn’t seem to have enough presence to listen to doctors on medical issues.

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