"hooking kids on Sex II"

"hooking kids on Sex II" March 19, 2012

Christina here…

This is maybe the most ridiculous video I’ve ever watched.


Ugh. I can’t find hooking Kids on Sex 1! Darn. Here’s what I think though.


1. “These perverts are allowed unfettered access to our children while raking in government cash to sell them unrestrained sex.”

Unfettered? In what way?

Here are Planned Parenthood’s guidelines for teens on sex:

Both people should want to have sex.
Never pressure someone into having sex.
Be honest about your sexual feelings.
Make sure sex is pleasurable for both people.
Use birth control if you don’t want an unintended pregnancy, and protect yourself from STDs.
Be clear with each other about what you want to do and don’t want to do.

That’s not all that”unrestrained”. I guess it is compared to, “only have sex when you’re married, and only for the purpose of making babies.”

2. “Age-appropriate is a standard concocted by Planned Parenthood itself, so that it can sell pornography to kids as ‘science’. Why would they do this? Just as the goal of a drug-dealer is to make drug addicts, Planned Parenthood’s goal is to make sex addicts.”

Citation needed. Show us that planned parenthood “concocts” guidelines about age-appropriateness itself. In the meantime, here’s some evidence to the contrary.

The National Sexuality Education Standards. It has an advisory committee of 18 people, only one of which is affiliated with Planned Parenthood.

The International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education. Planned Parenthood is mentioned as a resource but not acknowledged as contributing.

The American Psychological Association, American Medical Association, National Association of School Psychologists, The Journal of Pediatrics, the American Public Health Association and the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine all have position statements on guidelines about age-appropriate sex ed based on science and research. The only ones concocting guidelines about age-appropriateness of sex ed are religious people. Unless by “concocting” you mean, “basing guidelines on decades of scientific studies”.

You know what? “Wait until marriage” is a standard concocted by Christians themselves, so it can sell guilt to kids as “purity”. Why would they do this? Just as the goal if a drug dealer is to make drug addicts, Christianity’s goal is to make fairytale addicts.

I can use scare-words too!

How else is one supposed to learn about anatomy unless they look at pictures of anatomy? By this organization’s standard, any picture of anatomy is “pornography”. Those gynaecology students must be rolling in porn. How about those pictures that come with instructions for tampons?

3. “Masturbation is a gateway drug to sex”

You’re a liar. Go read a scientific publication. Or another.

4. “Planned Parenthood’s primary resources for ten-year-olds is a book called, “It’s Perfectly Normal” and it sells masturbation to kids with graphic images of naked boys and girls, boys and girls masturbating, men and women having sex, and even things like this (shows picture of a boy getting an erection)”

It’s a book meant to be read to kids during puberty. How else do you expect to teach them about their bodies? How are they supposed to know what is happening to them when they get an erection?

5. “If a dirty old man showed these things to a ten-year-old kid in a park, he’d be arrested! But when planned parenthood shows it to kids in a classroom, it gets government money.”

If a dirty old man showed a girl how to use a tampon in a park, he’d be arrested too. Yet when a mother shows her daughter how to use tampons in a bathroom, she’s praised for being a good mother. If a dirty old man changed a strange infants diaper in a park, he’d be arrested, but if grandpa did it, we’d thank him.. If a dirty old man baptized a kid in a pool of water in a park, he’d be arrested, but if a pastor does it, it’s a blessing. If a dirty old man found a ten year old kid in a park and took him to church, he’d be arrested, but if mom and dad do it, they are exemplary. If a dirty old man in a park gave a kid lunch, he’d be arrested, but when public schools do it, they get government money.

So… your point?

6. “Planned parenthood tells vulnerable teens stimulating and intimate things about sex. Just look at what its website for teens says. The link to “our bodies” takes teens to a page that provides graphic displays of genitals”

You know how else a teen can see a graphic display of real (not line drawing) genitals? By looking in a mirror. Better hide the mirrors, or you’ll make your young vulnerable teens homosexual, because they can use a mirror to see the body of a person who is the same sex.

I don’t understand how one can harm a teenager by showing them pictures like the ones in the video.

7. “Encourages boys and girls to masturbate and tries to dispel any embarrassment or hesitation. It also describes orgasms.”

How dare we give teenagers facts about themselves. Instead, lets just put them in a room and let them figure it out on their own. Here is the most scandalous sentence from the description of orgasms: “Most people find these muscular contractions very pleasant.”


8. “It encourages anal sex”

This is “encouragement”.

Does anal sex hurt?

Anal sex can hurt if partners do not take certain steps. The anus does not usually produce enough lubrication for comfortable anal sex, so it is important to use an artificial water-based lubricant — like K-Y jelly or Astroglide — for anal sex. (Using an oil-based lubricant, like Vaseline, can damage latex condoms.)

It’s also important to stop doing it if anything hurts and communicate with your partner about how you feel — sex that’s painful or uncomfortable should not continue.

Not all people enjoy anal intercourse. Those who don’t enjoy it should not be embarrassed into it and should not force themselves to accept it.

This sounds about as “encouraging” of anal sex as I imagine an abstinence-only sex ed program encourages sex.

9. “Tells young teens that all sexual orientations are perfectly normal”

Yep. They even say that not wanting to have sex at all is normal.

10. “The page on homosexuality… displays a teenage boy in an intimate pose with what appears to be… an adult man.”

Here’s a picture of a prepubescent boy in an intimate pose with what appears to be… an adult man.


Jesus embracing a child


Here’s a picture of a teen boy in an intimate pose with what appears to be… an adult man.



Here’s a picture of an animal in an intimate pose with what appears to be… an adult man.


It’s easy to scandalize just about any image. That adult is probably the kid’s dad. You don’t come out to your sexual partners – you come out to your parents and friends. But these guys can’t help but think “pedophile” – interpretation in the eye of the beholder.

11. “Explains how to have gay sex, using a condom, dental dam, and even… plastic wrap.

Because plastic wrap is just as effective as dental dams. Your “scareword” intonation does not negate this fact. Then again, I don’t think you’re too concerned about facts.

12. “Planned Parenthood is conditioning children to engage in sexual activity”

Because the children wouldn’t do it on their own without Planned Parenthood.

13. “Planned Parenthood’s youth program (S.T.A.R.S.) requires participants to be exposed to sexual deviancy on parade”

S.T.A.R.S. is a volunteer organization of peer educators. If they don’t want to be exposed to a gay pride parade, then they shouldn’t apply to the program. Going into a porn store requires people be exposed to porn, too.

14. “As shown in this memo from 1969, Planned Parenthood’s national goal is to restructure the family and encourage increased homosexuality as a sick form of population control. That’s why they expose our kids to stuff like this (dance music and pictures of people at a gay pride parade)”

Fine. Then encouraging people to wait until marriage to have sex is a sick form of population control, too. Also, 1969?

Here it is, the Jaffe Memo. It’s a table of “Proposed Measures to Reduce U.S. Fertility”. apparently, the government asked Planned Parenthood for some suggestions on reducing U.S. fertility, and this table is the result.

You know, if someone asked me to produce a table of “Proposed measures to commit suicide” I could produce a table. This does not mean that I want to encourage suicide. I bet a Christian could produce a table of “Proposed measures to get to Hell”.

– and 43 years later… the memo somehow proves that population control is Planned Parenthood’s national goal.

It also doesn’t make sense why Planned Parenthood would both simultaneously want to control the population and encourage unrestrained sex.

15. “is it any wonder one in 4 girls has an STD? All this exposure to sex takes place before graduation from high school.”

They are going to expose themselves anyway. Really.

16. “When these kids go to college, they’ll be bombarded with sex-themed parties put on by Planned Parenthood VOX group.”

VOX: another peer counseling group. They are probably more likely to be bombarded by the local student Christian group.

17. “A party with no pants and free safe-sex kits? That just screams date-rape!”

No it doesn’t. It screams “safe sex”. Part of “safe” is “consent”. Date rape would be unsafe sex.

I can play that game: Daddy-daughter purity dances – A party where girls go to a prom-like dance with their fathers? That just screams child molestation!

18. “Maybe a Planned Parenthood sex workshop about pleasure, desire and orgasms is more age-apropriate!”

For college students? Um, yes. College students are adults.

19. “What planned parenthood education booth would be complete without a fisting kit for homosexual college and teenage students.”

The picture you showed clearly reads that the “kit” is to make a dental dam. Dental dams aren’t for fisting. Do you know what a dental dam is?

20. “America’s tax money is being put to good use” (shows pictures of a poster for a Japanese penis party)

Here’s Planned Parenthood’s involvement in this event: “Proper Attire condoms by Jeremy Scott will be given to guests compliments of Planned Parenthood of America.”

21: “Get the kids addicted to sex so it can sell them birth control. When teens catch an STD, it sells them testing services. And when a young girl gets pregnant, it sells her an abortion. This isn’t education, it’s indoctrination”

Kinda like a grocery store gets kids addicted to eating so it can sell them napkins. When teens eat food, it sells them dish detergent. When a young girl cuts up an onion, it sells her a trash can. Indoctrination, I tell ya.


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