I snuck this past airport security.

I snuck this past airport security. March 28, 2012

Christina here…

Right now, at this very moment, I’m in the Cincinnati airport.

My husband and I have just finished our week of atheisting at the Secular Lobby Day,  Reason Rally and the American Atheist National conference. We’re pooped, and we’ve been beset by delays all day trying to get home to St. Louis.

Today has been a crazy day. We woke up at 9:30 and walked to the bus stop (The Maryland Transit Authority said a bus at this stop would take us to the airport 30 miles away for $5 a person). We discovered the bus stop desolate, a sign taped to the bench proclaiming that the stop would close on February 20th. After talking to the MTA for 20 minutes (and missing the bus- wherever it was), we walked 15 minutes to the correct (new) stop. The bus picked us up, and dropped us off at the airport. Security lines were long, yet we passed through without a hitch. We ran to our terminal and watched our plane depart.

We rebooked our flights for 4 hours later, poked around, flew to Cincinnati, and now our plane has been delayed by one hour. We’ll probably get home around 11pm St. Louis time.

Many of the Reason Rally attendees stayed at the Hyatt, and I LOVE their White Ginger Shampoo and conditioner, so I had some extra bottles sent up to JT’s room (P.S. If any of you ever stay at the Hyatt and feel like saving me your Portico White Ginger stuff, I’ll love you forever)

I ended up with 14 bottles. We also purchased shaving cream, sunscreen, mousse, and I had brought along Drysol, an aluminum-chloride suspension I put on my hands to keep them from sweating so much (I have hyperhydrosis)

I planned to check my little rolling suitcase, because TSA does not allow one to carry on this many liquids. However, when we got to the BWI airport, I was in a rush, so depending on how you look at it, I either forgot about my contraband, or decided to see if I could go through security with them.

All of these liquids were packed in the same spot among my clothes in my suitcase. I don’t know exactly how many fluid oz (because the stuff is still in my bag and I don’t feel like opening it to check), but the Portico shampoos/conditioners are 1.25 each. My guess is that I’ve got around 40oz.  That’s about 1180ml.

Earlier today, at the BWI airport, I went to the bathroom, whipped out my camera and took a pic of the offending contraband.

Crap – we’re boarding! I’ll update this post later!

Update/finishing this blog post:

Well, we’re home now!

Anyway, I’m not sure entirely if this many small liquid containers are allowed, and my reading of TSA’s rules indicates that they aren’t. So, I kinda wonder why they all went unnoticed when the bag went through the scanners.

A commenter suggested that TSA could retroactively fine me for my shampoo, but a reading of their policy does not seem to indicate such:

Items for which fines may be imposed include firearms, ammunition and other explosives, incendiaries including larger amounts of self-defense spray, and certain dangerous knives.  Fines also may be imposed when passengers attempt to artfully conceal prohibited items or behave in a manner that is so uncooperative and disruptive that it physically interferes with the screening process.  Carrying some prohibited items could result in both a civil and criminal enforcement action.

Aw, we can be fined for artistry in concealment? Man. I was just thinking of starting my own concealment crafting business.

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