The woman who continues to mean so much to us

The woman who continues to mean so much to us March 20, 2012

In college there were three blogs I read every single day: Pharyngula, Dispatches from the Culture Wars, and Greta Christina’s Blog.  My father, too, was a big fan of Greta’s.  It was kind of ironic that in defense of the rational Greta seemed to be magic.  It was the only way somebody could say so much, it was the only way imaginable that she could cover every base while employing such a scarce number of words.  And she wrote in a way that was accessible to everyone.  Whether you were a high school drop out or you held a PhD in five different subjects, Greta’s writing was relevant and absent pretension.

Getting to meet her at the 2010 SSA Annual Leadership Convention was incredible.  I remember calling my father the second she was away from me to tell him I’d met Greta (and that she knew who lowly little me was).  I was so proud.  She is wonderful at using her celebrity to make people feel that way, like they are more than just a cog in the atheist machine.  She makes you feel like an integral part of something great.  Her work was formative for me, as it has been with so many people in this movement.  Greta makes us feel like we own this cause just as much as Richard Dawkins.

She has (finally) released her first book on the subject.

Now that Greta has become one of my best friends (she threatens my nether regions with a chainsaw if I call her a hero, so it’s a good thing I can now call her “friend”) I was fortunate enough to have received a review copy of the book a month ago.

It’s good.  It’s phenomenal.  It’s everything that captured my awe in college and continues to leave me wondering how she does so much with words to this day.  In short, it’s everything the atheist world has come to expect from Greta.  Sense and Goodness Without God has been my recommendation for atheist books for years now.  I must now add this one next to it.

You owe it to yourself to read this book.  Borrow it, buy it, steal it.  Pass it around your community group.  When religious people ask you what atheist book you’d recommend, tell them Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless by Greta Christina.

We are all lucky to live at the same time as Greta, to enjoy the products of her mind.

The kindle version of the book is available for $7.99.  Hard/soft cover versions will be out soon.

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