#tomyunbornchild – your future parents are bigots.

#tomyunbornchild – your future parents are bigots. March 15, 2012

Christina here…

Sorry I’ve been slacking off on The Daily Twitter recently – my life got busy and I haven’t had much time to blog. Shameful, I know.

Still, I’ve been plugging away on Twitter between clients at work, baiting bigots left, right and center.

A few days ago, the hashtag #tomyunbornchild trended. Most of the comments revealed positive messages of love, affirmation, and acceptance.


Thousands did not. Instead, people tweeted <140 character filth. Here is a nice selection of a few of them. Some people have deleted their tweets, so I will post my re-tweet rather than their original if they have.:


You win the EVIL PARENT award. #athEIst RT @bridgethaley_: #ToMyUnbornChild if ur an athiest, I PROMISE i will beat you with a garden hoe

— Christina Stephens (@Ziztur) March 13, 2012


Now, I realize some of these are jokes… I guess. But, that one would even joke about murdering/disowning one’s offspring if they are gay, atheist, or ugly  surely betrays an ugly personality.

I don’t have children, but the only reason I would  even potentially desire the death of my own child would be maybe if my own child killed another human being intentionally.

What does it say about these people that they think another human being is better off dead/abandoned than gay/atheist – even that their own potential child is better off dead? I honestly don’t understand how someone can be so filled with hatred.  I say that, knowing that gay people have been killed, and knowing that gay/atheist children have been disowned by their families. I just don’t understand.

Family values my ass.



Apparently some people don’t like it when I re-tweet their hateful tweets to a wider audience:

Crommunist tried to talk some sense into him:

“Their” place, JDa. What kind of sick individual thinks women should be put in their place, and that they should be put in their place by threatening to shoot them?

Oh right, I forgot. You’re Bible thingy pretty much says that word for word, but with stones instead of bullets.

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