Blogalog phase 1

Blogalog phase 1 April 18, 2012

Cl has graciously accepted my invitation to blogalog.  Here is how it has begun.

After he volunteered and I accepted I wrote…

If we’re doing the existence of god, you wanna go first?

Cl responded…

I was just thinking about that. Why don’t we try thinking outside the box a little bit? It’s just that, I’ve seen so many of these things go down before, we’re both a little off the beaten path as far as (a)theists go…. look, I gotta run and take my daughter to music class, I’ll get back to you a little later today.

FWIW, I think atheists get off too easy, because they have a negative position. I’d like to see an atheist take up a POSITIVE case for once, you know what I mean?

Thanks for the interest, talk soon,


I wrote back…

What would a positive case for the non-existence of something look like?  The best I can think of is, “I know of no evidence to support the existence of this thing.”

What more could someone possibly do?  If I need to lead off with my positive case, that would be my opening.  This is why in structured debate the affirmative side always leads, otherwise the negative side would stand up, say they know of no evidence to support the opposing side, and sit down.

If you’re the one who believes the thing exists, shouldn’t it be on you to provide whatever evidence has convinced you (and supposedly whatever evidence you think should convince me)?

I guess a parallel would be this: what if I asked you to provide a positive case for why you aren’t a thief?  How would you go about it?

He responded…

Hey let’s have this conversation publicly if you don’t mind. If we discuss all the details in public, we can save ourselves a lot of suspicion. At least, that’s been my experience.

I created a post on my blog that has all the content of these emails. I’m trying to wrangle up a few judges to supply commentary, and I also asked commenters for topic suggestions.

Hope to see you over there,



I will likewise post it to mine.  Let’s keep it to email with the understanding that all emails will get posted to both blogs.

And on we go.  I’ll refrain from many comments I want to make, but will include them in subsequent emails to Cl.

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