Ehrman gets NAILED by Richard Carrier

Ehrman gets NAILED by Richard Carrier April 24, 2012

So first, the back story.  A few weeks ago Bart Ehrman wrote an article for the Huffington Post dogging on historians who think Jesus was just a mythic figure, never even a real, ungodly person.  Richard Carrier caught wind of it and proceeded to go positively hulk on Ehrman.  Reports suggest that Ehrman walked funny for a week.

Then Patheos blogger James McGrath leaped to Ehrman’s defense, causing Carrier to once again draw scholarly steel.  It was another entirely one-sided evisceration that ended with a hardly disturbed Richard Carrier dusting off his shoulders and walking away from the pile of shreds that used to be his opponent’s arguments.

Now Carrier has reviewed Ehrman’s book on historicity.  You know how you would wince watching a thoroughly outclassed boxer get pounded?  Imagine if there was no referee there to stop the fight.  If you haven’t read it yet and you want to see how the best of the atheist movement argues on their home turf (in this case, history for Carrier), go watch Rick work.

Remind me to never piss off Richard Carrier.

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