Atheist Guild Wars 2 guild?

Atheist Guild Wars 2 guild? June 19, 2012

Ok, Guild Wars 2 is going to come out eventually.  Lots of us have played the beta and are ready to gay marry this game (to learn why I am, check out my review of GW2).  For those of us who will be playing this game (raises hand), shall we start an atheist guild?

If so, which server?  Some suggestions that have been left on this blog include..

– Quarrel Falls (because we loves fightin’)
– Divinity Coast (bringing sanity to the Divinity Coast since 201X?)
– Gate of Madness (why are you atheists so angry?)
– Eternal Grove
– Astralarium

I’d love to see this happen, especially since big guilds will be able to have all kinds of fun in world PvP and will gain more points in the influence system.

Also, what class intrigues you the most?  My main is going to be an engineer.  🙂


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