Mom on prayer

Mom on prayer June 1, 2012

Since I seem to have handed mom the keys to my blog lately (and since everybody reading doesn’t seem to mind), here’s something she sent Sandy on prayer.

Pray for me if you must, but rather than pray for my sorry heathen soul, why not pray for god to help the thousands of starving children the world over. Ask him to drop a little manna from heaven, multiply a few loaves of fishes and “git ‘er done”. I’d be glad to cheer him on with a rousing chorus of “you did it before and you can do it again”.

But, god needs them in heaven! “God needs them in heaven”? Really? A divine, perfect being living in a perfect place “needs” them there to be happy? But, supposing that is true, why not give them a few decent meals first? Why must they be slowly tortured to death? Pardon me, but that just doesn’t sound very loving.

But, it’s all part of god’s divine plan! He has a plan for each and every one of us! Really? Then why pray at all? Does god sit in heaven, basking in worship, saying, “Ah, I’ve created it all. Perfect plan in place. Check. Perfect plan for every one of my children on it. Check. Now to kick back, relax, and enjoy this adulation! Wait a minute. What is this? Incoming telepathic message from (insert name). She wants me to show (insert name) the way and the light. Hmmm. I had this divine plan in place, but I think (insert name) might just be onto something here. That godless good for nothing needs to turn their life around. Time for Divine Plan B.” (Insert name) sure wields a lot of power.

The contradictory quality of prayer continues to befuddle. After any disaster. the testimonials come out. “God spared us”. What about the family down the street , huddled together, praying for god to spare them, yet they all perished? Did they not pray right? Perhaps god was busy listening to other prayers at that moment and theirs got overlooked? Or once again, it was all part of god’s divine plan. If so, what good did the prayers do for those who died? Does god change his divine plans for just the right prayer? Who is in control here?

So, pray for me, if it makes you feel good. And since god listens to you and you have the power, could you ask him to send me a good landscaper who works for free? I’d appreciate that a lot.

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