Requested topics: polyamory and insecurity (Blogathon 34/49)

Requested topics: polyamory and insecurity (Blogathon 34/49) June 11, 2012

Got this on a donation request:

What would you guess makes the difference between a person with insecurity issues that can be addressed and a person just not wired for polyamory at all?

Hrm.  I’d start by saying that poly isn’t something that is necessarily better than monogamy.  It’s like asking someone what the best pizza topping is.  They say pepperoni, yet you like sausage better.  The solution there is simple: eat what you like.  The solution to dating is simple: do it the way you like.

After that, the first thing I would ask is what makes them think their insecurity cannot be addressed.

The second thing I’d ask is what makes them insecure.

After that, I’d talk about why, at least for me, poly caters better to my insecurities.

I want to know that a partner loves me.  That’s what really helps with insecurity, right?  So I need the best way to know that reliably.

That’s a bit of a tricky thing to figure out, because the only lie told with more frequency than “I love you” is “Jesus rose from the dead.”  Why do people tell that lie?  Usually to avoid hurting someone or because they actually love someone else as well and are obligated by the structure of their relationship not to act on it (even though they feel that way).  How to get around that?

Poly allows me to take away their motivation to lie.  If they don’t love me, they know they can say so.  If they love me AND someone else, they can say so.  Insecurity comes from not knowing or distrusting, and poly allows me to get past both those things.  It takes away any reason to lie, and you always know where your partner stands (ideally).

In short, any partner of mine has the full option to do whatever they like with my blessing.  That way when they’re with me, I know that’s where they want to be.  They’re not just doing it out of obligation.

I don’t need to be the only person in someone else’s life to know they love me, I just need to know they really want to be with me when they are.  Poly gives me that.

Right now Michaelyn has the green light to date and sleep with other people.  I have the same.  But neither of us are using those options even though they exist because this is simply what we both want right now.  That may change down the road, but the removal of obligation allows us to be sure that this is what we both really want.  If you obligate someone to be with you and only you, or to only love you, or to only want you physically, how can you know that they’re in it because they want that and not because it would hurt your feelings to find out otherwise?

It may work for you or it may not.  But it works for me.  🙂  This is the structure I’ve found in relationships that places me the most at ease.

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