The argument for god I had the hardest time with

The argument for god I had the hardest time with June 9, 2012

Christina here…

JT told me to blog about the “Argument for god that gave you the most trouble for the longest time.”


You’re going to laugh:

I had a really hard time with the cosmological argument. You know (from wiki):

A version of the cosmological argument could be stated as follows:

  1. Every finite and contingent being has a cause.
  2. causal loop cannot exist.
  3. A causal chain cannot be of infinite length.
  4. Therefore, a First Cause (or something that is not an effect) must exist.

According to the argument, the existence of the Universe requires an explanation, and the creation of the Universe by a First Cause, generally assumed to be God, is that explanation.

In light of the Big Bang theory, a stylized version of argument has emerged (sometimes called the Kalam cosmological argument, the following form of which was set forth by William Lane Craig[7]):

  1. Whatever begins to exist has a cause.
  2. The Universe began to exist.
  3. Therefore, the Universe had a cause.

Of course, theists define god, in part, as a being that has always existed, and thus never “began to exist” and thus had no cause. which is obviously special pleading.

My main problem was not so much this argument but… how DID the universe begin? I provisionally accept the scientific consensus that the universe began with the big bang, and hat the big bang arose out of a singularity, and that even asking what came “before” the singularity is nonsensical because time and space did not exist when the universe was a singularity and the laws of physics don’t really apply.

Clearly though, a singularity would be a rather unstable state for a universe to be in. No wonder people like “god” – its so much simpler. Our brains aren’t meant to understand things like singularities.


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