WWJTD Blogathon: do it for the campers (and the SSA)

WWJTD Blogathon: do it for the campers (and the SSA) June 11, 2012

JT here! 

I’m going to start off by announcing our big hook for the day.  Right now the total number of donors for SSA Week sits at 213.  w00t!

I want it to be 300 by 7am tomorrow when the WWJTD Blogathon ends.  I want to see how many people support this cause enough to take the time to send us their sofa change.  So here’s the incentive.

I’ll be a counselor at Camp Quest Ohio all next week (so will Michaelyn).  If SSA Week has reached 300 or more total donors by 7am tomorrow, even if they’ve just given the absolute minimum of $5 (that’s as low as the web site allows), I will purchase the supplies out of my own pocket and Michaelyn and I will let 10 lucky campers apiece hit us square in the face with pies.

We will extend that to and additional 10 campers for every 25 donors thereafter.

Other ways to support the SSA through the WWJTD Blogathon:

1.  Pledge per word (I suggest .01 per word).

2.  Pledge per post (hint: there will be 49).

3.  Pledge per thing you’ve learned.  If a post teaches you something new, you donate your pledge amount.

4.  Pledge per argument destroyed.  Did we suitably dismantle an argument?  Donate your pledge amount.

5.  Bid for a topic.  We’ll be going from top to bottom.  Of those who have requested specific topics, we’ll start by indulging whoever has donated the most, then second most, etc.  There may be an exception if lots of lower bidders want the same topic.

6.  Despite my protestations, Michaelyn is toying with the idea of spilling the beans about what I’m like away from yon blog.  She’s leaning toward yes, but some solid donations might just give her the nudge all the way over.

7.  Ian Cromwell auctioned off songs all day yesterday (including two of my favs!).  I think that’s brilliant!  For $10 Ian will post himself playing a song of your choice.  I’ll do the same (I sing a bit).  For a $10 minimum donation to the SSA (because you can always donate more) I’ll record a song of your choice in the courtyard of the SSA office (the acoustics are great!).  I prefer musicals.

7a.  He’s also thrown down the gauntlet with me!  If Ian and I raise a combined $1000 (that’s only 100 pledges of $10 – I know there’s at least 50 of you out there with a tenner in your pockets), we will join forces and sing the epic Queen ballad Under Pressure, with yours truly holding down the Freddie Mercury part and yours truly doing David Bowie’s lines.

Michaelyn will be taking the baton for most of the day while I do SSA stuff.  I’ll be around, but starting at 6pm I’ll be taking over the heavy lifting (rawr!).  Comment and keep her company for me?  🙂

This is post 1 of 49 for Blogathon.  Total donors is at 213 (if we hit 300, campers get to pie us in the face)!  You can still donate to the SSA by supporting other blogathoners, art contributors, personal fundraising pages or through a direct donation to the SSA! SSA Week lasts through June 17th. Spread the word!

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