Attacks on the SSA continue

Attacks on the SSA continue July 17, 2012

Recall last week I talked about the Secular Student Alliance website getting attacked?

Personally, I’m thrilled about this.  It means that somewhere out there some believers have accepted that god isn’t going to do shit and that praying for misfortune to befall the SSA wasn’t going to accomplish anything, so they had to actually do something themselves.  The absence of god and the impotence of prayer are important realizations on the path to ditching religion.

Who knows, perhaps soon they’ll realize that any religion that praises you for attempting to win by means other than the greater reliability of your beliefs and, in this case, for criminal activity if it’s in the religion’s best interest, probably doesn’t occupy the moral high ground.  Baby steps.

I’m sad to report that today I’m a little less thrilled.  There have been two more attacks since that post, which means that between last Monday and today our site has been under Distributed Denial of Service attack four times.  The first three times brought down our site.  The fourth attack occurred Sunday and our site stayed functional the whole time.  This is due to the fact we’ve acquired a service to inoculate us against such attacks.  Now our site should hold up against even very powerful attacks, but we’ll see.  It’s also possible that the attackers may switch to more subtle tactics.

Here’s the sad part: this service will cost the SSA an additional $200/month (which is actually cheap for such services).  This means that somewhere out there those who oppose the things the SSA does have managed to deprive the organization, and also the students it supports, of about $2400/year.

Of course, if angry atheists wound up donating more than $2400 per year to the SSA on account of believers playing dirty, then their little plan will have backfired, wouldn’t it?

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