Daily Guild Wars 2: let's talk guild. (32 [35] days left!)

Daily Guild Wars 2: let's talk guild. (32 [35] days left!) July 24, 2012

This last weekend was the final Guild Wars 2 beta weekend and, wow, did Godless ever turn out!  By the end of the weekend we had over 40 guild members!  We were gaining guild influence like mad and quickly adding all kinds of perks to the guild.  🙂

Because the game gets progressively more awesome the more we play it, I’ve decided to do a daily post in anticipation of the release.  There’s that much awesome to this game!

Today, let’s talk guild.

First, KeganL has been running for guild leadership.  I have been so impressed with this guy.  He was around all weekend helping newbies and came off, to me, as a total team player.  He also has been very humble in all of this, welcoming others who want a hand in leading.  That stuff, along with the fact he made us a sweet guild page/forum has me wanting to really make him guild leader.  Any support or opposition?

We should also have a core of officers who can do stuff in the leader’s absence, whoever it is.  If you’d like to be an officer, leave a comment nominating yourself and I’ll compile that into a future blog post.

Something else that occurred to me this weekend: I love role-playing.  I will totally get into my character, so much so that I”ll actually walk places in town rather than run.  😛  Do we have other RPers in the guild?

I also noticed that not many people were taking jewelry and cooking as craft skills.  Do we want a dedicated jeweler and chef in the guild with access to leftover mats in the guild vault?  That person could probably level almost to 80 just from crafting!

We also have to decide what we want to do with our massive amounts of influence points.  I think the obvious first uses should be in architecture, giving us not only a huge guild vault but also the ability to have two perks being built at once.  After that, my vote goes for politics, because I love this guild and I want gear with our emblem on it!  🙂

Lastly, I think our guild should do PvP and PvE, but just out of curiosity what does everybody prefer?  Personally, I like both equally.  Should we appoint an officer position tasked with organizing PvP (both WvW and sPvP)?

Godless Guild facebook group.

Codex site where you can toy with profession builds.

My Guild Wars 2 review (for those wondering what all the fuss is about).

Sweet guild page/forum.

Guild roster.  Leave a comment to be added.  🙂  (If I’ve missed you, leave another comment)

  • JT Eberhard: tsukmeibols.7340 Asuran Engineer 
  • Josh Stein: Targarion.7208 – Charr engineer.
  • Maki – Norn Engineer/Thief
  • Marisemae – Norn Ranger
  • KeganL – Valyon.8396 Norn Necromancer(main)/ Mesmer (race to be determined)
  • Daniel Schealler –  Kairos.9354 Charr Guardian – http://goo.gl/tPGoF
  • eNeMeE – Charr Elementalist
  • juan davidsanchez daza – Charr Ranger
  • Jen R. – CultofJen.9210 – Sylvari Elementalist
  • Jon R – Norn Ranger – Qilue Veredorn
  • Jen Grant – katrana.5317 Human Necromancer
  • Scott Grant – Human Warrior
  • J. Goard – Charr Mesmer
  • Mutsumi – Lyfa.9256 Human/Sylvari Thief
  • Carina – Carina.4185 [undecided] Elementalist
  • IslandBrewer – Charr Warrior
  • Chris Baily – Charr Engineer
  • theAtheistAxolotl – Charr Necromancer
  • RenDP – Human Mesmer
  • NightRaith – NightRaith.1805 – Charr Engineer/Norn Guardian
  • Dave, the Kwisatz Haderach – Charr Engineer
  • Matt Martin – FUNdead.2430 – Charr Warrior 
  • Richard McAteer:  Epinephrine.8670 – Sylvari Engineer, Human Mesmer
  • Jordan Day  MajorMesser.5273 – Sylvari Thief
  • Mizzet – Charr Engineer
  • Arsirion – Sylvari Ranger
  • John Horstman – JohannVII.8723 – Sylvari Ranger – Bosqazador; Charr Guardian – Sarri Greyclaw (character names will be the same, assuming I can get them again) 
  • Dylan Bean – DylanBean.6591
  • b00ger – [undecided] Mesmer
  • Loqi – Human Mesmer (subject to change)
  • Nick Johnson – Remijdio.6203
  • Adam Shelton – Lagrange.2479, probably Asura Mesmer
  • John Cato – Beltane.5893
  • Mike Smith – unbound.9351
  • Atheara Valentin – Charr Mesmer
  • John-Henry Beck – [undecided] Ranger (possible)
  • kagekiri – [any/all] [undecided]
  • Benjamin Hollinger – Molch.7536 – [undecided] [undecided]
  • Tyson Koska – tykonderoga.7350
  • Dave – Albretch.2685
  • Jesse Daw – jcdharma.5169 – human elementalist
  • Caroline Cosgrove – Toasty.1432 – [undecided] Necromancer
  • Park James – PMurder.9451 – undecided
  • Sansgerd – undecided
  • Jacob Hanson – Sparhawk.9015 – Jotnara – something with a huge sword
  • John-Henry Beck – Cicero.4873 – Undecided
  • Dirk Gadsden – dirk.3175 – [Undecided] Elementalist
  • Liokae- Liokae.9201 – Asura [Undecided]
  • Damon Fowler – Mallekar.7402 – Human Guardian
  • John Storer II – WraithShade.8097 – Asura Elementalist (Mai Selevin)
  • Elerena – Liokae.9201
  • Dave, the Kwisatz Haderach – KorLeonis.8650
  • BaisBlackfingers – BaisBlackfingers.4728
  • Don – drl.9576
  • Michael – Sinful Scythe.7091
  • Edrick P. Smef – edricksmef.3746
  • Drew Krull – Kharel.1520
  • JumpPoint – jumppoint.2614
  • Lukas Wolfrik Hägele – Skollgrimm.3695
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