Guild Wars 2: final beta

Guild Wars 2: final beta July 11, 2012

The last beta weekend for Guild Wars 2 will be July 20-22.  I’ll be there pretty much all weekend on the Frost Gate server.  Much of that time will be spent playing with my gamer friends from back in the day, but I suspect I’ll have some time to spend with all you godless gamers.

If you’re playing, feel free to shoot me a yell.  🙂  My GW2 ID is tsukmeibols.7340.  Since my main after release will be an Asuran Engineer, I’ll be testing the race out, though maybe not as an engineer having played one last beta weekend.  I haven’t played a ranger, guardian, or thief yet.  Any suggestions on which one I should take up?

You can visit the post on the post on Godless, the Guild here.  Discuss the game, run for guild leadership, or add your character to the roster.

Here is the Godless facebook group.

Are you planning to play a particular profession or race during the beta or to experiment?

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