Weekly Guild Wars 2 update: GW2 IDs, beta weekend

Weekly Guild Wars 2 update: GW2 IDs, beta weekend July 16, 2012

Here’s our weekly Guild Wars 2 update.

The FtB/atheist guild shall be called Godless.  Join the facebook group!  So far, KeganL is the only person I have down as running for guild leadership.  I may have missed some people as I’ve been stupid busy as of late, so if you want your name in the hat let me know!  Also, I know some people are interested but, like me, worry they may not be able to put in enough time to be an effective leader.  Because of this, we may consider leadership by committee, as that will almost certainly be an option.  What do you guys think?

Also, I have a friend searching frantically for a beta key.  Any leads on how to get one?  I know Arenanet is practically hemorrhaging them.

Beta weekend details

This weekend is the last beta weekend for Guild Wars 2.  I plan to run a human/asura thief to explore that class a bit.  I will be spending much of the time running with my BFF gamers from back in the day, but I will have some free time.  Still, that shouldn’t keep all you potential Godless folk from banding together and getting to know each other!  I’m going to include the guild roster as it stands on this post – we should start updating it with our Guild Wars 2 IDs so we can find one another.  🙂  So leave your GW2 ID in the comments and I’ll get the list updated.  There is also a growing document on the Godless facebook page being updated with GW2 IDs (anyone can edit that document, so go in and add yourself!).

I’ll be playing on Frost Gate server only for this beta!  Upon release, Godless will form on the Gates of Madness server (because atheists are so full of rage, rawr!).  If you guys want to play the beta on Gates of Madness to give it a look-see, don’t feel bad ditching me.  This guild belongs to all of us, and I’ll be along at release.  🙂

Things to chat about

1.  Holy shit Charr!

We love the Charr!  Is it just that they killed the gods?  Is it that they look cool?

2.  What part of this game is your favorite?

I’m a fan of how realistic the battles feel and how beautiful the game is.  Those are probably tied for my fav.

3.  How do you plan to build your character?

Another great thing about GW2 is how different each person of the same class you encounter plays.  For instance, a warrior could favor close combat with a greatsword/axe & shield setup, or could focus on group combat by putting trait points into banners, or they could favor a rifle and darting about the battlefield.  I love how everybody feels unique!  For those of you who have decided upon your main, how do you intend to build them?

I think I’m going to go with a firearms engineer with various kits for my utility skills (probably flamethrower for the ignition rounds, grenade kit for the AoE grenade attack, and maybe the mine kit).  I may very well go with a turret build though, because that just looks like fun.  I just don’t like the big CDs on all your primary dps abilities.

Here’s a website where you can toy with builds.

4.  How many PvPers are out there?

I’m a big fan of PvP in MMOs.  I’ve not yet had the chance to play around with PvP in GW2 (perhaps this weekend?), but I’ve heard it’s excellent.  WvWvW looks great, and I know how natural and epic mass battles feel in PvE.  I can’t imagine how great those massive battles will feel.  Which of us will be the PvP base in Godless?  🙂  Should we start exchanging Skype info for better communication during PvP?

Also, have you wanted to try PvP but worried that you won’t be good and might drag down the team?  No worries about that here!  The more, the merrier, and those of us experienced with PvP will happily coach you.

Lastly, for those of you wondering what all the fuss is about, I wrote a review last month that explains a fair amount of why I think the game is so good.  I’ll probably be adding to it, especially after this coming beta weekend.  Check it out if you’re curious.  🙂

There are a lot of people who are unsure.  After release, as people decide what they want to play as their main, I’ll continue to update this list.  I’ll also continue to update the list as GW2 IDs roll in and as more people commit to the guild in the comments.  I’m really excited to play with all you heathens!

Names on this list with an asterisk are running for leadership position in the guild.  (If you left a comment saying you were in for the guild and I didn’t add you, let me know!  I get busy and drop balls, I know I do.  Bear with me :))

Guild members:

JT Eberhard (tsukmeibols.7340) – Asuran Engineer

Josh Stein – Sylvari Thief

Maki – Norn Engineer/Thief

Marisemae – Norn Ranger

KeganL – Human Necromancer*

Daniel Schealler (Kairos.9354) – Charr Engineer

eNeMeE – Charr Elementalist

juan davidsanchez daza – Charr Ranger

Jen R. – Human Necromancer

Jen Grant (katrana.5317) – Human Necromancer

J. Goard – [undecided] Mesmer

Mutsumi – Human/Sylvari Thief

Carina – [undecided] Elementalist

IslandBrewer – Charr Warrior

Chris Baily – Charr Engineer

theAtheistAxolotl – Charr Necromancer

RenDP – Human Mesmer

NightRaith – Charr Engineer/Norn Guardian

Dave, the Kwisatz Haderach – Charr Engineer

Matt Martin – Charr Warrior

Epinephrine (Epinephrine.8670) – Sylvari Engineer

Daytheist – Asura/Charr Necromancer

Mizzet – Charr Engineer

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