Atheist Guild Wars 2 guild is a huge success! What next?

Atheist Guild Wars 2 guild is a huge success! What next? August 27, 2012

At midnight EDT Saturday morning, Guild Wars 2 became playable for everyone who had pre-purchased.  The officer corp. got in immediately, formed the guild, and in no time it had reached the membership ceiling with tons more still wanting to get in.  Guilds are supposed to be able to spend influence points to expand their roster, but there is a bug keeping us from doing that.  As soon as that bug is fixed, there will be another avalanche of incoming atheists.

I’ve often said that one of the best forms of activism is organizing fun things to do with other atheists.  Everybody loves having fun, and if people know there’s a group of atheists in their town with whom they can go bowling or exercise or just grab dinner one night each week, we’re going to be a lot more appealing to the secret atheists still in the pews.  Not only that, but for religious leaders to make Christianity sound so wonderful, they need atheists to be miserable.  They need us to be depressed people envious of how much fun Christianity is.  Having fun publicly while wearing our atheism on our sleeves destroys that (which, frankly, makes me enjoy it more).  Having an enormous guild like this on such a popular game, where all of our characters announces another fun-loving atheist, gives us this opportunity across the entire world.  Fun and activism you don’t even have to work at?  Sign me up.

And because the guild is so enormous, it makes a statement that atheists are growing in number.  We will have one of the biggest guilds on our server.  People will be seeing the Godless guild tag all over Tyria.  The size of our guild is a testament not only to the number of atheists, but what a great job the officers have done in setting it up.

Personally, I hope we use it for even more passive activism than we already are.  For instance, guilds can spend some of their influence to drop a banner that gives a boost to all earned karma points for a time.  They can also attach a message to these banners.  These will be used primarily to give one guild an edge.  But why not make a habit of plopping one down in one of the starting areas with the message: “Enjoy a boost to karma points courtesy of Godless, the guild for atheists. :)”?  Worst case scenario: you’d have people grumbling about how atheists are terrible while they take the free karma boost provided by our generosity.  The cognitive dissonance alone would be worth it.

Anyway, I’m so proud of our officer corp.  They are amazing, and have produced a stable guild that will be fun for any atheists that want a community in this game.  They have done some damn fine activism, perhaps without even knowing it.  I’m proud of them and their success, and I look forward to lots of good times with Godless.

Hopefully, as soon as the membership cap is increased, I’ll be able to wrangle a bunch of players together for a group photo.


Kagekiri gives advice in the comments on how to get into the guild once it is able to expand:

In-game, just message an officer (you can search in the Contacts list, and can find the officer IDs to search for on the forums/FaceBook page) with your ID asking for an invite to Godless.

Hope to see you all in game.  🙂


Godless Guild facebook group.

Codex site where you can toy with profession builds.

My Guild Wars 2 review (for those wondering what all the fuss is about).

Sweet guild page/forum.

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