Come to Skepticamp St. Louis!

Come to Skepticamp St. Louis! August 10, 2012

Christina here…

Next Saturday, August 18th 2012 from about 10:00am-5:00pm at the Ethical Society of St. Louis, The Skeptical Society of St. Louis (of which I am V.P.) is hosting Skepticamp!

Here, have some info plagiarized from the event sites:

We are excited to announce St. Louis SkeptiCamp 2012, a free conference where you can participate! When: August 18, 2012; from approximately 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Exact times will be announced later. SkeptiCamp is a grassroots conference where people from the local community give talks on topics like skepticism, science, philosophy, and religion. Everyone is invited to give a talk on a topic that they’re interested in and the audience is encouraged to ask questions throughout the talks. You can find out more about SkeptiCamps in general at The length of the talks will vary, but most talks will likely be either 12 or 25 minutes long. If you are interested in doing a talk or volunteering in other ways, please contact Scott Anderson at skepticampstl (at at at) gmail (dot) com.
Here are the speakers that have been finalized so far:
(updated 5pm, 2012/08/10)

Robert Ashton: Sauce for the Gander: Why skepticism applies to things we believe in
Laura Hennefield: Cognitive Psychology
Erich Vieth: Errant Decision-Making
Larry Lazar: Talking Science With Uncle Bob
Alice Sanvito: Woo, Sloppy Thinking, and Language
Dr. Pamela Gay: Science!
Ben Conover: Neuroscience of Belief
Lance: Relationships between theists/atheists
Gabe Harper Extremist Ideologies as Religions

Ben Schuldt: Jesus was a Dick
Karl Wulff: Skeptical Finance: The Housing Bubble, What Happened, Why and What it Means for the Future of Home Ownership
Bob Sandheinrich: Bad Math and the Velda City Blues
Dane: Why Intelligent Design isn’t as crazy as you think
Reuben T. MD MPH: 10 Medical Myths in 10 minutes
Andy Semler: Ableism and Atheism
Christina Stephens: Accupuncture: Watch Me Stab Myself <———-
David Peery: Superstition in Nursing
Gabe Harper: Extremist Ideologies as Religions
Kwame: The History of Atheism in the Black Community
L. Richard Feldenberg, M.D.: Evolutionary Medicine and the Kidney- How a fish messed up the design for your kidneys
Larry Lazar: Talking Science with Uncle Bob
Michael Blanford: Those Meddling Kids… Skeptical Messages in Children’s Television Programming
Mike McKay: Time Traveling Porn: Fact or Fantasy
Paul Harris: Why We Need More Skeptics
Phil Ferguson: Breaking the Cycle: Promoting Critical Thinking in Children
Zi Teng Wang: The Psychology of Magic: The Inner Secrets of the Art of Deception

We’re in discussions with several other people about speaking and will announce more speakers soon. If you still want to do a talk, it’s not too late. Just email

Here’s the Facebook event page.
Here’s the Meetup event page.
See you there? My talk is all about how acupuncture is unethical, and includes a demo of me sticking needles into myself: always a good time.
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