This is the future we're talking about.

This is the future we're talking about. August 10, 2012

It’s no secret how religion wins: by focusing on children.  They get them before “critical thinking” is even a concept for them, so that ideas that would get gutted by critical thought can survive.  The solution?  Teach kids about the wonders of the universe.  Make sure they learn to look at things with a discerning eye.

This is what Camp Quest does.

This is what Camp Quest does.

This is important.  Right now we have a competition going between some bloggers.  Donate to one side.  Either way, the future wins.  This blog gets thousands of unique readers every day.  Surely most of you have five bucks.  Hell, maybe some of you even have ten.  Do you realize the difference that could be made if all of us who were able would take the sixty second necessary to part with just five bucks?

Donations have been much slower than last year.  I cannot fathom why this is.  This is perhaps one of the most important atheist organizations out there.  Our generation absolutely will not last forever and the young right now are growing up more godless than ever.  This is likely due in large part to Amanda Metskas and Camp Quest.  Our generation has been the most vocal and powerful in support of atheism ever.  I don’t want the next generation to be as good as we are, I want them to be better!  Surely, for those who have five bucks floating around, you think it’s worth that.

Think about it the next time you’re at McDonald’s, or the next time you get popcorn at the movies.  I’m not asking you to donate $5/day, but if you can do it, how about $5 just today, or at least one time before the end of the month?

Hell, donate to PZ’s side (or to ours if you want to hear me sing arguments against god the rest of the year).  But please, if you have the money, throw some in.  This is the future we’re talking about.

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