Guest post: Your Facebook Votes Are Worth Over $50!

Guest post: Your Facebook Votes Are Worth Over $50! September 12, 2012

Here be a guest post from Josh Brose, the partners intern at Foundation Beyond Belief.

Josh from Foundation Beyond Belief here,

Seriously, everyone needs to do this.  In case you haven’t heard – the Foundation Beyond Belief, the Secular Student Alliance, and Camp Quest have all been nominated for the CHASE community giving program.  2 million dollars 5 million dollars is being given out to various charities through this program.  The way that nominated charities can secure this funding is through Facebook voting.

Let me explain this a bit more – I estimate that 2000 votes per organization is about the number of votes needed to put groups safely in the $50,000 range for the duration of the contest.  Groups probably don’t need that much, but it’s hard to say at this point.

Now let’s do the math – $50,000/2000 = $25

Also, you can get AN EXTRA VOTE by posting the link CHASE tells you to post on your timeline.

$25 x 2 = $50!!!

This is a TON of money for doing very little.  I’m not usually sold on the line “You need to vote for this on Facebook” either, but when I did the math and found out that I could take five seconds to effectively secure over $50 for these awesome organizations and have it cost me absolutely nothing I voted IMMEDIATELY.

Everybody needs to do this – just go to these links and vote!

Foundation Beyond Belief

Secular Student Alliance

Camp Quest

I will make an additional, personal plea on behalf of Camp Quest.  They are behind the other three organizations yet, in my estimation, they are atop the pile in terms of importance.  Go vote for them.  It will take you maybe, maybe sixty seconds to click “allow app” and “vote.”  Surely if you give the first shit about this culture war you can spare sixty seconds.  You could also go the extra mile and tell your friends to vote for them.

Amanda Metskas, the Executive Director of Camp Quest, has a near-magical ability to make money go further than anybody else thought it could.  She will do wonders with the kind of money Camp Quest could win here.

And, if you’re looking to donate, trust her with your money.  You won’t regret it.

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