Los Links 10/18.

Los Links 10/18. October 18, 2012

A picture of Rainbow Randolph from Death to Smoochy.Here are all the juicy extras from twitter yesterday that didn’t make it onto the blog – this time with an irrelevant, but nostalgic picture of a character that was on my mind.

Hey @MittRomney, I got u dis.

These are the lights Dinesh D’Souza had installed in his house.

This is why you’re really shorting yourself if you don’t read @Crommunist.

A good visual depiction of wealth disparity.

Mitt Romney style.

Documentary reveals what the Catholic church knew about child rape. It’s more than you think.

Four craziest things politicians-trying-to-be-scientists have ever said (can we get some scientists in Congress?):

See how the swing states have moved over time, all the way back to Eisenhower. Did you know CA was once a swing state?

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