Sergeant Invincible.

Sergeant Invincible. October 18, 2012

A soldier unloading with a huge gun and rage face.The following is a conversation between me and my friend David from this morning.  He’s explaining the Marvel RPG system to me.  (I’m [ADEMA] Zero…ADEMA was our clan tag for Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 and stands for the Alternative Department of Emergency Military Assistance.  Our RP was that we were a band of mercenaries sent in during the zombie apocalypse.  But I digress…)

Drake: yeah…the rules are kind of open.  Its a total story telling game so it doesn’t matter if you’re OP or not
Drake: Black Widow and Thor can team up and its no problem
[ADEMA]  Zero: Sounds leet.
Drake: looks fun.  Trying to play it over Google Hangouts
Drake: since there’s no need for maps or anything
[ADEMA]  Zero: Ok.  I want to make Sgt. Invincible.  He can kill anything he wants and can never die.
[ADEMA]  Zero: Also flight.
[ADEMA]  Zero: He has flight.
Drake: haha okay sweet.  Sounds like an interesting story.
Drake: I’m sure your comic won’t be cancelled immediately.
[ADEMA]  Zero: This is fresh.
Drake: That’s cool. They spent a lot of money buying the franchise so you can play as awesome heroes.  But Sgt. Invincible sounds awesome 😛
[ADEMA]  Zero: In the first installment, we need a villain who thinks he can kill Sgt. Invincible by exploiting his weakness (SI’s dashing good looks are mitigated by a tiny scar on his left foot that haunts him to this day) to kill him.

[ADEMA]  Zero: Of course, he won’t be able to, because Sgt. Invincible cannot die.  Or feel pain.
Drake: even emotional pain
[ADEMA]  Zero: He can feel that.
[ADEMA]  Zero: He can even be a tragic hero who wants to die to escape the emotional pain and never can.
[ADEMA]  Zero: BOOM!
[ADEMA]  Zero: Plot device.
[ADEMA]  Zero: Also he can make it rain whenever he wants.
[ADEMA]  Zero: Which is all the time because he’s depressed.
[ADEMA]  Zero: And even sleeping with a different woman every night doesn’t help.
Drake: haha man that sucks to be him
Drake: And that huge pile of money he inherited from his dead billionaire parents only makes him feel guilty about all the starving children
Drake: and all the supermodels he sleeps with only reminds him of his own immortality while they will grow old and die
[ADEMA]  Zero: lmao!!!!
[ADEMA]  Zero: Laughing so hard over here…
Drake: I’m crying tears of empathy
[ADEMA]  Zero: lmao!

And thus, Sergeant Invincible was born.  I expect a fully developed plot line in the comments by the end of the day.

Bonus points if you can spot the Aqua Teen Hunger Force reference.

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