Believers still largely don’t get the law.

Believers still largely don’t get the law. November 27, 2012

Assholes: you're surrounded by them.My, my.  I read the MSNBC article about the growing legal firestorm down in Little Rock, where a public school is busing kids to a church during school hours to see a production of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” which contains an unequivocal pro-Christian message.  The believers in the comments are a slavering bunch.

Liberals are all ABOUT free speech . As long as you agree with everything they say . a55holes .

Random capitals?  Check.  Use of the number 5 in place of a random consonant in a swear word, likely to assure Jesus that they’re still pure of heart?  Check.  Because it would be the inclusion of the letter “s” that would mean they had sinned, not the calling other people assholes.

And atheists are totally all about opposing anything oppositional, that’s why we are petitioning the government to close the church down altogether instead of pointing out that taking kids to a church during learning time to hear a sectarian religious message is against the law.

Congratulations, Atheists. You’re finally as bad, useless, and whiny as all the religious groups in this world.

Yup!  By wanting to maintain the separation of church and state (and, with it, the religious liberty of people of all faiths), we’re as bad as the Catholics (who, as an institution, protect child rapists) and Evangelicals (who oppose equal rights for gays, help to maintain scientific ignorance in children, and want to demolish the separation of church and state).  Because all complaints are equally valid, you see…

These whiners honestly annoy the hell out of me and I am also atheist.  Believe it or not, not all atheists feel the need to cry every time someone wants to practice their religion, much the same as not every Muslim is a terrorist and not every Christian is a fundamentalist nut-bar.

Thanks concern troll.  There seems to be a pattern in these comments, that by not wanting the federal government to endorse a religion that we’re somehow keeping people from practicing their faith at all.  I’m not sure how to get to people who can’t make simple distinctions like this.

And, for the record, these comments all had been given hundreds of thumbs up votes in the comments.  These are not the random ramblings of the elusive fundamentalist.  These are the popular comments.  Churches are spectacular at keeping their congregations ignorant of science, but they also serve as an IV of ignorance in the realm of law and government as well.  These beliefs are not a personal matter (as so many in the comments of that article assert), but they actually impact communities and nations, and in precisely the way ignorance can be expected to impact society: negatively.

Some of them are tamer, but obtuse in their inability to see the real issue.  This comment, at the time of this posting, had 1,775 thumbs ups, and only 91 thumbs downs.

“Would you let your children go see the play?”


For those people who have objections to this play, keep your children home that day. Simple.

Dad came in and thumped on that one.

I have an even more simple solution:  Have the school as an arm of the state select plays to attend that are religiously neutral and aren’t held in religious venues.  Follow the law.
If you want your children to watch Charlie Brown so damned badly, then get up off your **** and TAKE them to see it.

And he’s spot on.  Students and parents shouldn’t have to turn a blind eye to violations of the law when their children are at school to learn.

Here’s a comment that has received 1,211 thumbs ups, and 126 thumbs downs.

I’d have no problem with it.

Bet Dollars to Donuts all these Atheists don’t turn down the day off & Holiday pay that goes with it & I’ll bet most are quick to complain & protest if their asked to work on that day.

So because atheists like having holidays we’re obligated to let the church and state mix?  We also like having a day off work to spend time with our families on Thanksgiving.  So what?

Here’s one that has 994 up, 44 down.

If they wanted to go see the play, I would let them.The freedom of speech and religion are part of our country. some people just need to understand that and get over it. You make your own decisions, not others.

Individuals have freedom of religion, the government does not.  That’s why you can go see the play at the church, believe in whatever god you wish, and the government can’t stop you.  However, this also means the government, like in the form of a public school, cannot endorse a particular religion like, say, busing kids to a church to hear a pro-Christian message during school hours.  This is what religious believers need to understand (and get over it).

And this is not even up for debate.  If this goes to trial, it will be open and shut, and the kids of Little Rock will pay for the Constitutional ignorance of its adults.

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