The future of the Republican Party.

The future of the Republican Party. November 7, 2012

Glenn Beck weeping.
Cry it out, FOX News. Cry it out.

Ok, so we re-elected the lesser of two evils.  I’m happy about that.

I’m also happy that the Republicans took a pretty thorough thumping in the electoral college, the popular vote (where Romney lost by 3%, maybe more, even though that was supposed to be his saving grace), in the social issue ballots (gay marriage looks like it will win in all four states and recreational marijuana, not just medical marijuana, got legalized in two), and in most of the close senate races.

The narrative on FOX (whose tears today are so fair and balanced) is that the liberal media won the election for Obama.

Fox News and other media outlets have projected that President Obama has been reelected to a second term. If, in celebrating his victory Obama wanted to give credit where credit is due, he might want to think about calling some of America’s top journalists, since their favorable approach almost certainly made the difference between victory and defeat.

The “liberal” media were the ones calling this race close when all the statisticians were giving 90%+ odds to Obama, so that dog doesn’t hunt.  In their eyes, and in the eyes of their audience, it couldn’t have been because Americans liked Obama’s platform better.  It hasn’t occurred to them that the summary rejection of the GOP and its platform this election is a sign that the nation continues to move, as it always has, slowly in the progressive direction.

They have two choices: the first is to move toward the middle and give themselves a chance in the next election.  They could change with society, rather than being dragged along behind it kicking and screaming.

But they won’t do that, at least not immediately.  For many of them, warming up to marriage equality or the fact that marijuana is enjoyable would be tantamount to changing their mind about what their supposedly unchanging god wants, and they can’t have that.  They seem poised to go to their political graves white knuckling the will of an invisible god.  Already there’s talk that Mitt Romney just wasn’t conservative enough.  The Republican party can either return to its roots here or submit to the will of the Tea Party, but the balancing act isn’t working – and it especially won’t work if Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin (remember, Mitt was the best candidate among that group) decide to split the Republican vote by running independent.

I suspect they’re going to choose the wrong direction, at which point they will get drubbed again and, just like this time, god will be nowhere to save them.

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