Comment roundup 12/21.

Comment roundup 12/21. December 21, 2012

After the reaction of people like Mike Huckabee to the Sandy Hook shooting, I made a facebook status that read “God’s opinion is apparently that if children aren’t being forced to pray then their lives aren’t worth saving.”

Patrick Brown, a guy I went to college with (and Christian) commented:

Rght! They should have been praying to JT. Since we know for sure he's real, he woulda been able to stop it. If we could just convince more people to consider WWJTD, everything would be alright...

First, Patrick, how is that relevant at all to my status?  My status didn’t say “Praying to god doesn’t stop murderers, so you should pray to me.”  It did reiterate the opinion of very prominent religious leaders.

What’s more, I can stop some bad things from happening (and the evidence of this is plentiful), but not murder.  I can’t see the future and I’m not omniscient/omnipotent.  Of course, I’m not the one saying I am either…

Next up, we have Nejijuuz who, in response to the Pope blessing one of the leading Uganda legislators who wants to kill people for the crime of being gay, said

It is wonderful to know that Jesus came to the world to save sinners not the righteous cos they do need saving. The pope blessings people is a sign that there is a way out irrespective of you being good or bad, or coloured or black. God bless the pope

Good call, Nejijuuz.  The sinners are the ones who need saving, god bless the guy lending endorsement to the agents of genocide.

You probably don’t think that compassion can be demented by religion either.

Last, there’s Oj with this wall of gibberish.

It’s really stupid to think the way you are thinking about comments from a men that us not an atheist, is really dumb keep trusting in your limited logic versus the reality of God and the prove of Him, you are taking the opportunity to attack a men over his liberty of expression, to bring hate, criticism, and to denigrate him, because you do not agree with his way of thinking that is influenced by Christianity, it sounds like atheism is more about the bad than the good, it really brings out the ignorance of how humanity works and how is influenced by this world; how instead of focusing on this tragedy, you are focusing on this man that do want to bring an explanation of where was God in this tragedy and why He permitted it, what people don’t understand they criticize and what is wrong the called it good and what is good they call bad. There’s always comments from people that do not understand God and who do not know Him, so is better for them not to believe in Him and attack everyone who believes, they want to transmit the hatred and the unbelieve that exist in their hearts, which brings them anger, unhappiness and the feeling of not being important to the rest that believe, but I say to you, no matter what is your situation and the reason why you choose to be an atheist, there’s a way out and there’s true freedom in the believe of God, because He does not only exist and is real, but is the very essence who permits you to have life, and this is revelation from the above, do not try to criticize me for showing you the truth, but think, am I wrong in my way of living?, stop attacking someone because he lives under a different credo than yours and start opening your understanding to greater and deeper things of life, come out of the ignorance where most people take their choices over what the masses think or what I understand in the knowledge of my short life, like the philosopher said ‘I just know that I do not know anything’

To which I can only respond…

"Are you *sure* that's a clarification?"

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