Connecticut shooting open thread.

Connecticut shooting open thread. December 14, 2012

If I see one more reporter pressuring a traumatized kid or their parents, I’m going to kick humanity square in the nuts and leave.

I’m mostly disgusted, and trying to focus on other work.  However, I see everybody on the web talking about this, so here’s a place to do it with other WWJTD commenters/readers.  I don’t expect I’ll be getting into the comments.

Some people are mentally sick (I’m one of them though, thankfully, not in a way that makes me a threat to others).  The broken human mind is one of the most dangerous things on this planet.  Power has no allegiance.  Nuclear power checked by empathy and reason, qualities a healthy mind is capable of, increases the overall well-being of humankind.  That same power, unchecked by those forces, can end countless lives.  It’s hard for me to focus on power as the problem and much easier for me to focus on finding and treating broken minds.

I very much feel for the victims and their families.  I also feel for the survivors.  I will likely go apeshit when believers inevitably start calling it a miracle that some people survived, as if god liked them more and decided to save them rather than the ones who died.  Honestly though, I also feel for mentally sick people, religious or not, whose brains may not have the normal capabilities with regards to empathy and morality, and who do something like this before they get help.

Anyway, talk among yourselves.

Jesus fucking Christ…


Politicizing a travesty.  To some people the deceased will appeal to their opportunism more than their compassion.  Is it too much to ask to have some time to mourn and pay respects, without jockeying for political advantage for our pet causes? vReligion, guns, politics, put that shit aside for a day and give your compassion some exercise.

Seriously guys, the issue will be alive tomorrow.  Right now, there’s a lot of people grieving in that community, who are being handed the additional burden of worrying that their misery is being used to advocate against their political positions.  I don’t buy this line that if we take a moment to come together as humans before re-dividing ourselves politically, that nobody will care come tomorrow.

What’s more, I know how much I despise theists who are far more eager to capitalize on travesties to win political points than to think about the victims (or who consider scoring political points for positions they held before the travesty to be thinking about the victims).  I have no desire to emulate them.

Don’t be this guy.

By all means, chat amongst yourselves here, but let’s try and keep it off the interstate of the web, at least so far as we’re able, for a few hours.

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