Pope blesses Uganda legislator in favor of mass murder.

Pope blesses Uganda legislator in favor of mass murder. December 14, 2012

In between communing with a god of love and insisting that the Catholic church is humanity’s moral authority, the Pope found time to bless the Uganda law-maker most fervent to pass the kill-the-gays bill.

Pope Benedict XVI yesterday sent his first tweet from his new Twitter account, then turned around and blessed Rebecca Kadaga, the Speaker of the Uganda Parliament who promised to pass the “Kill The Gays” bill as a “Christmas gift” to Uganda’s Christians. Kadaga was at the Vatican to meet the Pope and to attend the seventh Consultative Assembly of Parliamentarians for the International Criminal Court and the World Parliamentary Conference on Human Rights.

So just in case you’re curious, the Pope has condemned the Christmas shopping culture.

Pope Benedict XVI condemned the increasing commercialisation of Christmas as he celebrated Christmas Eve Mass, urging the faithful to look beyond the holiday’s “superficial glitter” to discover its true meaning.

Yeah, the guy carrying a solid gold fucking staff and who lives in a gilded palace can’t abide “superficial glitter.”

Benedict XVI in a gold throne, holding a gold staff, and wearing vestments adorned with gold.
Yes, the guy in a gold throne, holding a gold staff, in a gilded palace, and wearing vestments adorned with gold abhors superficial glitter (and also avarice).

So superficial glitter gets condemnation, but people getting slaughtered for loving an adult who the Catholic church does not approve of?  Knock yourselves out.  Child rapists get the church’s protection, but not those homos – they’re too immoral to keep around.

This goes to show how evil atheists are.  Most of us, face-to-face with someone set to murder a bunch of people on the basis of who they love, would not even shake her hand.  More likely we’d, at very minimum, give her a strong verbal lashing for crimes against humanity.  Not heaven’s representative on earth here to spread god’s love though; he blessed her with a smile.

The Speaker dedicated to all Ugandans readings from the book of St.Mark which the Pope quoted in several languages during the Vatican mass.

She handed over to the Pope a portrait of the Uganda Martyrs Shrine Namugongo, a historical place where Christians were murdered because of their allegiance to their faith.

Because just when you thought Catholic/Christian leaders couldn’t get worse, they remind you that they can always add in a dash of oblivious.  And if you thought it couldn’t get worse then, there’s always room for irony.  Religion is unique among many social influences: it has the ability to empower the most cruel and/or stupid ideas, and to then make them impervious to compassion or reason.  How people can argue that we need such a force to moralize humanity, I’ll never know.  It is the influence of humanity, repeatedly attempting to break through the bunkers of faith, that mitigates the damage of religion, not the other way around.

This is your moral authority, Catholics.  It’s an organization that protects child molesters and blesses the agents of genocide.  Without the supposedly morally healing influence of faith, who would ever admire or claim affiliation with such an organization (especially while sneering at others as being less moral)?

Jesus Fucking Christ, Catholics should be ashamed.  I’m ashamed for humanity.

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