Secular Therapist Project continues to grow.

Secular Therapist Project continues to grow. January 28, 2013

I am a registered client with the Secular Therapist Project, which many of you have supported since it went live.  The other day I got an email from them that brightened my otherwise dreary day.

Today I am thrilled to announce that we just achieved 100 registered therapists for the Secular Therapist Project. We also have 1020 potential clients registered. That is an average of almost 31 new clients and 4 new therapist each week since we first went on-line nine months ago. This is a huge milestone for the project. Thanks to Han Hills and the vetting team. Patty, Richard, Caleb and Steven, for an incredible job. Nothing like this has ever been attempted for the secular community and we are seeing results almost every day. Clients who have found secular therapists write to say thanks. One client wrote,

”Thanks for starting this service. I have been to three counselors over the last few years and all tried to use religion, spiritual or new age stuff on me. I finally found a counselor through this service and am happy with our work so far. I am also confident that she won’t pull any religious tricks on me. I only wish this service had been available three years ago. I would not have wasted time and money on voodoo psychology.”

Our goal is to have 200 registered therapists by the end of 2013. Please let everyone know about this great milestone and tell your secular friends about this great service:

Considering that this is an entirely volunteer project, that’s pretty impressive.  It means the world to me that atheists are picking up the cause of making the world a better place for those with mental illnesses.

The Secular Therapist Project has a goal of reaching 200 registered therapists by the end of 2013.  At the clip they’re moving, I wouldn’t be surprised if they blow it out of the water.  However, while nobody on their staff gets paid a single red cent, the services they use (web development, media promotion, etc.) ain’t cheap.  If you want to support the Secular Therapist Project, you may do so by donating here.

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