It’s all about respect for St. Patrick.

It’s all about respect for St. Patrick. March 12, 2013

You may have heard by now (Hemant, as usual, has a lot of the details), but the Kansas City Atheist Coalition wanted to be in the Kansas City St. Patrick’s Day parade but got denied by the parade committee because…

“Kansas City’s parade celebrates the Feast Day of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, and the Christian teachings and beliefs that he lived and suffered for,” the statement said. “The Atheist Coalition’s published mission is to advance godlessness through activism, and its stated intent regarding the 2013 parade was to carry banners with phrases such as “positively godless” and “morals without mythology.”  It was with respect for the legacy of St. Patrick that the parade committee turned down the Atheist Coalition’s application to participate in this year’s procession. “

Oh?  When I go to the parade’s website to read about the parade committee it says:

The Kansas City St. Patrick’s Day Parade is organized and staffed by a group of private volunteers devoted to providing Kansas City with a family-oriented parade celebrating the Irish heritage of our city and citizens. The Parade Committee is a non-profit 501C3 corporation.

Hey!  Atheists, who are part of your city and citizenry, have Irish heritage too!  But that shit doesn’t matter because they don’t believe a guy rose from the dead 2,000 years ago, which is apparently far more important than the parade committee’s stated position.  Perhaps the web site should be changed to say “…devoted to providing Kansas City with a family-oriented parade celebrating our religion and nothing else.”

Well, the “nothing else” really wouldn’t fit.  Here are a bunch of pictures from the 2010 and 2011 parades.

Sure, there was music back in the fifth century. But that was also the beginning of the Middle Ages. During the Middle Ages the Catholic Church implemented the Suppression: outlawing the use of the tritone in writing music (they called it the devil’s chord). This would be one of the Catholic beliefs at the time that St. Patrick suffered and died for.  Since the tritone is the basis for all tonal music (read: all the music you hear nowadays) you can bet this band is playing that evil, evil chord. A lot. Yet these sinners are allowed.
The Shamrock, used by Irish Pagans as the symbol for many of the triple goddesses in Irish religion before St. Patrick ganked their style to use its three leaves as a representation of the trinity. If they want to keep the parade about honoring Irish heritage, they should include the goddesses Brigid, Ériu, and the Morrigan. St. Patrick can be honored as the guy who thought the Pagans were on to something and jocked their ideas.
Did you know that St. Patrick had a dog named Scooby Doo?
Little known fact: St. Patrick was a huge fan of the Austin Powers movies.  And since the KC St. Patrick’s Day parade “celebrates the Feast Day of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, and the Christian teachings and beliefs that he lived and suffered for” it is with respect to St. Patrick that Austin Powers, and his message of penis pumps and raucous, unmarried sex with that particular movie’s love interest were included in the parade.  Speaking of the love interest, you can bet the woman in the slinky dress and Mr. Powers are handing out beads to all the women/men who most love St. Patrick.

But atheists?  Come on, this parade is all about St. Patrick and his suffering.  Can’t those atheist try not to ruin the Catholic tradition?

This is obvious discrimination, and it’s pretty low of the committee to call their discrimination “respect”.  If you need to discriminate against a group of people to please a long-dead saint, he’s probably not much of a saint.  Unfortunately, this is an independent group and so they’re allowed to discriminate against whoever they want.  Yes, the parade is on public land, and while I’m no lawyer I’ve been around situations like this enough to know that the likely comeback would be that the atheists are free to organize their own parade on public land, hence equal treatment.  And I think that argument would stick.

Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that letting in all of these people, and leprechauns, and all other competing myths, but keeping atheists out reveals a group that wants to discriminate, but knows most people will think ill of them for it, and so they just call discrimination against this one group they wish to bar from the festivities “respect for what their saint stood for.”  In the 21st century, when the choice is between equal treatment and maintaining the tenets of a religion, it should be clear that the it’s the religion that needs to get thrown out, not the other way around.

Apparently St. Patrick also stood for dishonesty, because the planning committee gets to participate.  If the Catholic Church ever appoints a saint of making shit up, they should keep this planning committee on retainer for that parade.

I’m in Kansas for the next three weeks.  On St. Patty’s day I think I’ll get drunk and have sex out of wedlock so St. Patrick and Jesus can both grit their ethereal teeth and shake their impotent fists at me from the most boring heaven ever conceived.

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