Mark Shea loved the last Pope. Big shock, he loves this one too.

Mark Shea loved the last Pope. Big shock, he loves this one too. March 14, 2013

As one might expect, Mark Shea is practically touching himself over the new Pope (no worries, I’m sure he did ten hail Marys and now his soul is safe again).  He thinks the new Pope represents progress.  His example?

This will cause the normal exploding heads at the Reporter and MSNBC.  No “Progress” for you!

In the Aparecida Document, a joint statement of the bishops of Latin America, Cardinal Bergoglio commented on the worthiness of individuals to receive the Eucharist. The text states in paragraph 436 that, “We should commit ourselves to ‘eucharistic coherence’, that is, we should be conscious that people cannot receive Holy Communion and at the same time act or speak against the commandments, in particular when abortion, euthanasia, and other serious crimes against life and family are facilitated. This responsibility applies particularly to legislators, governors, and health professionals.”[52][53][54]

Progress, in Shea’s eyes, is denying a tasteless cracker and grape juice to the people on the side of social progress.  Or, if you’re Catholic, you’re allowing them to skip out on eating 2,000 year-old flesh and blood.  I guess they’ll just have to stick to Subway.  Boy, that’ll show ’em.

Shea is also pumped that the new Pope likes to evangelize a lot.  This seems to be what Shea cares most about, because he’s not uttered a word about charity or about Bergoglio hiding political prisoners from human rights monitors during his time in Argentina.  There was not a word of Bergoglio criticizing the aiding and abetting of child rapists.  But boy, he sure does like to go tell people Catholicism is true.

And he’ll spend money on it!  I’m sure that has Shea beside himself as well.  For me though, the moment the Catholic Church spends so much as a penny to send a bible to Africa rather than an orange, they have completely twisted the idea of compassion.  To Shea, that Bergoglio will make shipping ministers off to Africa to hand out oodles of bibles is a cause for celebration – presumably because this is what amounts to progress in a mind tainted by faith.

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