Go see Shelley Segal in Tacoma!

Go see Shelley Segal in Tacoma! April 10, 2013

Another one of the good (read: kind, humble, the type of person all celebrities should be in-person) famous atheists is Shelley Segal.  If you don’t know who she is, she’s the woman rocking out in this song:

Anyway, she’s on tour right now and was scheduled to perform at a coffee shop in Tacoma called Anthem.  However, the people who run Anthem love the Lord and decided to uninvite her after she traveled from Australia.

We had originally booked a coffee and ale shop called Anthem in the middle of downtown Tacoma.  It was a new venue (for us), the staff was incredibly friendly, and it looked like the perfect all ages venue for a show like this.   We discussed doing the event there, and they were on board.

That fell apart this morning, when I received an email from the booking folks.  It was a polite, professional email, but the intent was very clear.   I’ll quote the relevant part:

 This isn’t something that we feel comfortable promoting or hosting because it doesn’t align with what we believe and stand for.
Anthem Beverage & Bistro, Tacoma

Additionally, the CC field included an address at “Eternity Bible College,” something that wasn’t in the original thread.  So, we we’ve been booted from the venue, and they wanted us to know why.

At least they gave her some advance notice (unlike some barbeque joints in Oklahoma run by a shameless liar who thinks he’s more deserving of heaven than the people to whom he lied).  For that, I’m not particularly interested in pointing the machine of internet justice at them.

Instead, if you should all check out Shelley if you’ve not, and definitely get out to see her show at the new venue: Doyle’s Public House this Sunday, 14 April, at 5pm.  It’s free to get in!

And I’ll make you all a deal: if we get either 20 commenters saying they checked out Shelley’s material or if Shelley tells me 100 people showed up, next week at Reasonfest in Lawrence, KS I’ll record us jamming out and post the video.  😀  Here we are joshing around at American Atheists 2012:

This time I’ll make sure we even know all the lyrics!  😀

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