I’m now a target for believers

I’m now a target for believers April 1, 2013

Christina here…

Some atheists just want to religious believers to leave them alone.

Not me, I like talking with religious people!

I’m discovering that I might have a handy device which will cause believers to stop me in the streets or in grocery stores to talk to me – a metaphorical neon sign over my head screaming, “Religious people, come preach at me, I’m your perfect target!”

Yep… my lack-of-a-left-foot.

The first time this happened, it was a friend. A week before my scheduled surgery, he told me Jesus would heal my foot, and when he did, I’d have incontrovertible evidence of Jesus being real.

My friend asked me to pray a sincere prayer to Jesus right then and there, asking me to heal my foot. I did. However, I also told my friend that I wasn’t going to put off my surgery to wait for a miracle. Needless to say, my foot only got worse.*

The second time this happened was tonight, down at the Walgreens a few blocks from my house. I was wheeling past a lady when she met my eyes and said, “good evening!” I said, “Well, good evening to you, fancy night, isn’t it?”

She proceeded to preach at me for about ten minutes. My neighbor friend who works there in the cosmetics department (man, he always has the best eyeshadows on) even stopped to say hi and practically handed me a get-out-of-conversation card, but I actually enjoyed all of the many things she told me. Here’s a quick summary:

1. She was cured of muscular dystrophy as an adult because of her belief in Jesus.

2. Jesus has the power to grow my foot back, and since she has seen so many miracles like that happen, she believes he will grow my foot back too.

3. Back when she was a young’n, she was a student in biology. However, one day she got struck by lightning, felt warmth in her wrist three times, so took that as a sign that Jesus didn’t want her to be a biologist.

I told her I’d be glad to believe in some kind of higher deity if my leg grew back. Trouble is, which one? I’d have to make sure it wasn’t Allah or Zeus who grew it back. I assume they are probably all in a race to have me hang out with them in the afterlife.

*Hey wait.. isn’t this evidence against Jesus? or maybe Allah wanted to heal my whole foot after it had been amputated and figured he’d have a bigger party if he interfered with Jesus’ attempts to heal it while it was still attached. Or perhaps Zeus actually already healed my foot, he just healed while it sat in some medical waste container somewhere, already cut off of me? You can’t prove it didn’t happen!

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