Mark Shea…what’s good for the goose isn’t really good for the Catholic.

Mark Shea…what’s good for the goose isn’t really good for the Catholic. April 8, 2013

You know how Mark Shea and a few of his commenters came to my blog and left comments, then decided people weren’t responding to his comments quick enough and so he pitched a fit on his blog (even though I answered him once I got back home…we’ll see if he responds)?  You can go to that post right now and read those comments, even though they accused me of ducking the facts.  A person seeking the truth doesn’t shirk the statements of their detractors (and you’ll note how petty the Catholic interlocutors were, including Mark Shea – the comments remain).

Shea clearly views responding to such comments as not only the responsibility of the blog’s author, but also of the commenters.  He has, however, devised a solution that absolves himself and his readers of the same responsibility when the tables are turned: if you just delete detracting comments, there’s nothing to which you must respond!  At least he reacted faster than I, so good on him.

It’s pretty brilliant in a shifty, hypocritical, but still-want-to-pretend-he-has-the-moral-high-ground way.  Frankly, it’s fittingly Catholic.  No wonder he’s loved the last couple of Popes.

This was the whole point of my post at Mark.  There’s not a whole lot of consistency (read: fairness) going on with his behavior.  It scarcely bothers me at all (I’m actually happy to see religious bloggers acting like this), and I suspect it bothers Mark Shea even less.

  Deleting comments Mark? Tsk, tsk. Notice how your comments and the comments from your readers remain on my site. But hey, you reacted faster than I, so good on ya. ;) If I’d known I could’ve just deleted detracting comments and be done with it… …I still wouldn’t have done it. Glad I don’t take my moral cues from you or any Pope.  JT
Here’s a screen cap just in case.

Holy shit! This guy is hilarious. Behold, this comment:

The guy could have written me himself. But he didn’t. I feel no burning need to check his blog. So I linked your comment, Mr. Minion. Good enough for me.

God damn!  The guy demands a retraction and then doesn’t even read it.  What’s a well-intentioned atheist to do?

This is coming from the guy who wrote this post and expected me to read it.  And he won’t post a retraction or respond because I wrote a blog about it instead of messaging him directly.  If only I’d known I could’ve cited his blog post and said I won’t post a retraction because Mark didn’t message me directly.

I’ll bet Mark would’ve just nodded his head and said “fair point.”

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