Why young people oppose equality (hint: religion).

Why young people oppose equality (hint: religion). April 1, 2013

Matt Stopera asked 20 young people at the nation for marriage rally to take a pad of paper and write down their reason for opposing same-sex marriage.  Look at all these Christians smile as they fight to keep others legally separated from the person they love.  Look at how happy they are to be causing that kind of torment.

Sounds legit.  As long as the basis for our laws are “whatever this follower of a nameless religion of humility finds appealing”, can you also tell us how you feel about asparagus, crocks, and people blowing their nose?  Can you send Congress a list of things other people might enjoy (like spending their life with the person they love) that should be outlawed based on your individual visceral reaction to them?

I wish lack of compassion were painful to the person being cruel, rather than to the people at which they point their cruelty.  That might produce the type of perspective that would wipe that smile right off her oblivious face.

Fatherhood and motherhood are both necessary for what?  To properly raise kids?  Nope.  You know what’s terrible for children?  Straight parents who conceive a child and then neglect or abuse them and have them taken away.  Yet, you’re still all about those parents having the right to marry.  So let’s not pretend it’s about the welfare of children and not about thinking every other person should comport their lives to your religious beliefs.  Smile it up, you fraud.

She does not like it, Sam I Am.

There’s actually no need for evidence here because you can always detect truth by the presence of rhymes.  This is actually how Christians know that evolution isn’t true.  Have you ever read a science textbook?  Not a single rhyme in the whole damn thing.

Her ear-to-ear smile is probably the result of believing she’s written something profound.  The reality is that she should’ve been handed a crayon to write it.

Also, I would love to see the anti-equality lawyers in the Supreme Court this week use this argument.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.  Ok, we’ll maintain an unequal society where other people can’t realize their dream of being married to the flesh-and-blood person they love all so you can pretend to be a princess.  Maybe after you’re done pretending the universe revolves around you we can play “pretend to give a shit about the lives of others” or “make empathy a two-way street by caring about other people’s rights as much as you expect them to care about your right to play princess”?

The presence of a heart at the bottom is ironic, since she’s opposing other people’s love so she can be a princess.  This is why I so loathe Christianity especially, it mangles the word “love” until it only means doing whatever the bible says, even if those beliefs/actions are indistinguishable from hate.  In this woman’s case, love has become selfishness.  Other people must be less happy so she can wear a fucking tiara.

All with a big, proud, Jesus-loving smile.

But go on, tell me more about how religion makes people more kind and how it makes the world a better place, as if it didn’t move people to delight as they stomp out happiness in others.  Rhyme as you do so.

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