Mayoral candidate in Miami claims to be endorsed by Jesus Christ.

Mayoral candidate in Miami claims to be endorsed by Jesus Christ. May 15, 2013

Jesus has endorsed a long list of failures: Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, John McCain, George W. Bush (who wound up getting elected, which shows god is not the best judge of who to appoint to positions of power), Joseph Ratzinger (god could’ve chosen someone who wouldn’t ignore victims to shield child rapists from justice, which shows god is not the best judge of who to appoint to positions of power), etc.  The list goes on and on.  God has a real habit of endorsing losers (often multiple losers in the exact same race).  If a person was not an easily taken dumbass eager to be conned cynical, they might think that all these people were regular (well, more inane than most) mortals who were merely claiming that god wanted them to run and was going to help them to win.

And since there were so many of them, you’d think god might pop down and give an in-person endorsement to the person he really supports in order to distinguish them from all the others.  But no, god apparently trusts us to weed out all the fakers ourselves.

The most recent recipient of the Jesus nod is Anna L. Pierre who is vying to be mayor of Miami.

“It’s a spiritual endorsement. Why? Because everything I do I always get God involved,” Pierre said.

Pierre, a registered nurse and 90s Creole-language pop star, said she prayed leading up to registering for her candidacy and received three signs that Jesus was her endorser.

“And what were those three things?,” asked Local 10’s Janine Stanwood.

“Well, I’m going to keep them private,” Pierre said.

Of course you do.  Even though these signs were powerful enough to convince Anna, and Anna is proud to have Jesus’ endorsement, she’s elected not to unveil the signs that were so convincing to her, and would undoubtedly convince even the most hardened skeptic, thereby winning the race.

Instead, just like everybody who has ever talked to god, we’re just supposed to take her word on it.  God’s apparently busy making sure babies in Africa are born with AIDS and helping Tim Tebow win games in the NFL never again (speaking of losers god has endorsed) to actually show up and tell people he wants Pierre in office.  Boy, will he regret his priorities if she loses, amirite?

But what really grinds my gears is the reaction from Pierre’s opponent:

“Well, listen, that’s her opinion,” said State Representative Daphne Campbell. “That’s her belief. We have to respect that. She wants Jesus to endorse her, that’s okay.”

No, you don’t have to respect her opinion.  Her opinion is tantamount to the standard opening line for even the most inept con man: “I have great reasons I just can’t tell/show you”.  When faced with clear and obvious bullshit, you don’t have to respect it.  In fact, if you have any self respect, you shouldn’t.  Opinions are not sacred – they should be the product of reason and evidence, not a substitute for them.  When faced with an ill-informed opinion, respect is the wrong reaction.  If you intend to be even a competent leader, where you will need to separate good opinions from bad, you need to understand that.

It’s not about being nice – it’s about not nuzzling up to bullshit to get there.  I guess if I were wishing for people to learn that honesty and being nice are not incompatible the wrong place to start is with politicians.  What can you do?

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